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Tobey Alexander

Intro Time

Morning from the rainy UK. How to sell myself...Well I'm a neurodiverse writer (asd) who has been cursed with a very active imagination, I say curses when I mean it's an awesome gift but can get a little busy up there.

I work full-time away from "the industry" and am a hybrid of listed author and screenwriter. I've received a good number for small awards for my work and am slowly using pitches to grow myself in the hopse of connecting with the right people.

I often feel I don't have the right connections or foot in the door and feel sites like this give me a glimmer of hope that someone might see the worth in my random ideas. I still sit on the "I don't fit in" fence in my head a lot but continue to share my ideas both in screenplay and book formats.

I'm a naughty writer who doesn't stick to a single genre and tend to write in the worlds my head fancies. Right now I'm working on a TV Series which is a pilot screenplay and then a 6 part novella series to represent a novella per episode as it were. From the limited pitches I've done for The Raven I've had some positive feedback and even my first "request" from a pitch here (self doubt worries me it'll be a drawn out no but still I can learn).

Sorry for the waffling on.


Maurice Vaughan

Great to see you at another Introduce Yourself Weekend, Tobey Alexander. "The Raven" poster looks incredible! Did you make it?

Tobey Alexander

Maurice Vaughan thank you :) Yes I did indeed make it myself, learning as many facets of marketing as I can to try and convince the world my ideas are worth it!

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Tobey Alexander. Great job on the poster.

Me too. I learned how to make script posters and pitch decks for my projects. I see script posters like this: Movie posters attract audiences to movies, and script posters attract producers, directors, production companies, etc. to scripts.

Emily J

Hi Tobey Alexander! Thanks for sharing and congrats on all of the success you've already had. If you shoot me an email at, I'd love to hear more about your project and see if there are some other executives you can get feedback from and hopefully kick some of the at self doubt because it sounds like you're really talented!

Tobey Alexander

Emily J will do :)

Eva Marie Wilshere

Hi Tobey, it seems we have a lot in common, I am also a neuro-diverse writer who can't help but cross genres!

Geoff Hall

Tobey Alexander as a fellow introvert, I think you’re pretty brave to actually sit on a fence! Talk about being exposed on all sides. I used to sit on the other side of the fence, peering through a knot hole and every now and again I’d stick my finger through it to see if anyone would connect. Gladly, those days have gone and I’m now on the other side of the fence and walking away from it!

I wish you well in your endeavours, Tobey, from a very sunny and warm Bristol, UK.

Tobey Alexander

Geoff Hall thank you. I'm slowly going to drop down ans walk away but not quite brave enough yet lol. Kudos to you though :)

Alexandra Shields

Hi Tobey! Welcome to Stage 32. I'm Ali, the Executive Liaison at Stage 32 and I'm a neurodivergent creative myself. I totally understand how hard it can be navigating this industry as someone who feels like an "other," but it sounds like you're taking all of the right steps toward putting yourself out there and are already seeing rewards as a result of your bravery. And remember this, a lot of the people who are in this industry feel like an "other" in some way or have over the course of their lives. Your battles are what give you your unique point-of-view and the stories that need to be told in this world. Keep pushing because the world needs your voice!

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