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Steve Feld

Introducing myself

Hi everyone. My name is Steve Feld. After a moderately successful 35 year career in television, I have decided to do what I originally set out to do way back when: write screenplays. So if you're good at math, you can figure out I'm an old fart in a young fart's business. But I've heard that 60 is the new 59, so I'm not going to let my age dissuade me (unlike the rest of the industry). So far I have 13 spec features, working on #14 now. All of my scripts are comedies and most feature very strong female protagonists.

Lise Pyles

Hi Steve. I'm Lise. I am "seasoned," but hey, dropping my age by a year is better than a makeover, so thanks for that. Congrats on a television career and on features written. Comedy is tough for me. I don't even know what strikes me as funny, much less how to make someone else laugh. But I'm grateful for writers and movies that can do it. Great that you're writing strong female protagonists. My first two scripts are male-driven features, but on my latest work in progress, females get to shine. At least I hope they will shine. Not to the polishing stage yet. Good to meet you.

Brian Aldrich

Hi, Steve. I'm an old fart too. (UCLA and L.A. native) While I do Script Consulting, I'm thinking of putting together an old fart screenwriting group. What do you think?

Steve Feld

Sure, Brian. Sounds like a good idea.

Monique Amado

I think it's brilliant and inspiring, Steve! (and Brian). I believe in this quote with all my heart...

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