Introduce Yourself : Introduction (AGAIN) by Bruno Bizarro

Bruno Bizarro

Introduction (AGAIN)

Sometimes it looks like stage32 is completely empty, because I see lots of posts from people with absolutely no interaction. So, allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Bruno Bizarro and I am a Film Composer, Audio Engineer and Music Producer. Mainly, I compose music for film and television but also for events, advertising, internet, theatre plays, institutional and corporate videos, art installations, solo artists and bands. Also, I compose music just for the kicks of it. Here you can listen to some of my work: Feel free to contact me!

Timothy Burnham

You have made a fan out of me! The early stuff is great, but you can definitely hear how you progressed over time

Bruno Bizarro

Thank you very much Timothy!

Beate Christeleit

Thanks Timothy, nice to meet you here

Amanda Toney

Hi Bruno, definitely not empty here, that's for sure! Great work. What made you want to get into composing? What's the industry been like in Portugal lately?

Lauren McKean

Hopefully if the boards are empty it's a sign that everyone's too busy with work. :)

Morgan Summerfield

Hello, Bruno. Music is my muse. I create playlists and recommended music for everything I write. Do you have anything you might want me to link to as a recommend. Music similar to what I listened to on the landscape video might have a connect with my epic fantasy series.

Gale Chambers

Hi Bruno! Great to meet you!

Bruno Bizarro

Amanda, first of all thank you very much (in fact thank you all for replying). Well, in short what made me want to get into composing was perhaps the fact that as a kid I listened to lot's of classical music and to a whole lote of pop, rock and other stuff in the 80's. Then years later I felt that film music was the right thing to do. It just felt natural, I guess. Regarding the second question about how's the industry here in Portugal the answer is simple. There is no industry. There are films, television, series, telenovelas, short-films, etc...but an industry, maybe a bit in television. The rest not so much. In fact the title "film composer" or even the profession itself isn't that common. Although I do compose and get work in film and television, theatre (etc...), I actually work more with other countries. At least for now.

Bruno Bizarro

Morgan, can you give an example of what you want and what you do? Thank you.

Bruno Bizarro

Lauren yes let's hope so! :D Gale, great to meet you too!

Morgan Summerfield

Hi, Bruno. In response to your question: I build playlists on YouTube to represent characters or events in my novels and short stories (example: I also do "recommended listening" links for very short stories (example: at the top of the story is a suggested music accompaniment). I often post recommends on my personal FB page as well as my book and fan pages. I create book trailers that I post on YouTube and I make the occasional video. After an extended hiatus due to an accident, I am about to go bat crazy with promo bits. I am preparing to relaunch the second edition of my first book, Blood and Magnolias (5 stars at Amazon) early 2017, and I have two more novels coming out in 2017. I have a completed thriller script, working on an earthbound fantasy, and am converting one of my novels to script. There is much going on in my creative world. I can't say that any exposure I might offer will get you your big break, but I believe the more you circulate your work the more potential there is. I would be willing to entertain anything you might like to suggest in the way of collaboration. I might create a video and you could apply your magic, or if you have existing video with your music on YouTube or elsewhere, point me to it and maybe I can find a connect. Let's use messaging for any further discussion on this subject so we don't unnecessarily expose others to our chatter. Thank you. Have a great day.

Amanda Toney

Bruno - well, you're in the right place to connect with people from all over the world. Stage 32 has been a phenomenal tool for our composers- films are being scored through Dropbox on here every day. It's nice to meet you!

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