Introduce Yourself : LA-based DP introduction by Mariano de Luca

Mariano de Luca

LA-based DP introduction

Hi everyone! I'm a DP based in Los Angeles, CA. I'm originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and been working in the industry for more than 15 years. Would love to connect with new Directors and Producers who are working or looking forward to work in Narrative content, so please feel free to reach out if you have any upcoming project and are in the search for a new DP. Thanks for your time and stay safe!!!

Christopher Xavier Lozano

Welcome Mariano, when things open up love to meet or help you with a project.... I have dozens of my own projects your welcome to join in collaborations however, I find its better I help new-team-members first to see how we fit and get along.

Sincerely Your Artison

Christopher ^_^"

Karen E Ross

Hey, Mariano de Luca! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage32. Nice to meet you! Hey, I'm in LA, too! When the world comes together again, you'll have to come out to our in-person meet-up at The Phoenix!

Wow, great work on your samples! If you'd like to promote your website and services, feel free to post it on the Your Stage Lounge:

Do you prefer drama as a genre, or are you looking to branch out into something else? I'd love for you to start a post in the Cinematography Lounge ( about your experience and what you look for in a director - I've heard from Producers about what they like when working with directors, but I'd love a DP's opinion.

I know you live in LA now, but Argentina is now on my bucket list. Would you be interested in participating in the "Paris, Je T'aime" challenge I posted in the Filmmakers Lounge? It's just a fun way to get to know people through their city, and I'd love to know where in Buenos Aires tells a story you'd like to tell:

Enjoy exploring the lounges, and don't forget to comment and respond to others’ posts, too! It's the best way to really connect!

Mariano de Luca

Hey, Christopher Xavier Lozano ! Thanks for reaching out! let's keep in touch, already added you to my network so we can talk thru dm's! Best!

Mariano de Luca

Hi, Karen E Ross ! Thank you for your response, will be exploring the lounges! looks like there are a lot of info a ways to connect! Thanks!!!

Debbie Croysdale

@Mariano I like the way you say it "Narrative." Hi and welcome. I've never been USA and was supposed to be doing a trailer there next year which now won't be till 2022. @Karen Will make sure I toddle along to The Phoenix if I'm still here. Cheers!

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