Introduce Yourself : The Cinderella Kid by Rob Terpening

Rob Terpening

The Cinderella Kid

Been trying for years to get a biopic golf script produced. It's a period piece from the 1930's and 40's that no one whom I've connected with has any interest in producing. I've got some talent interested, including William Sadler (Shawshank Redemption). The lead would be great for an actor/golfer like Justin Timberlake, but I haven't a clue as to how to get the script in front of him. Anyway, I keep plugging away, hoping that maybe someday this story of a little known, but great amateur golfer will be told.

Wendy Anne Waters

Golf can be a dry subject. Perhaps if you pitch it from the POV of the golfer's internal struggle for perfection. This is something we can all relate to. I think of the film/book Chocolat and how hellbent the main character was on being the best chocolatier on earth. Even though it's a relatively non-relatable career-path the main character's drive and intensity and emotional quagmire engaged the audience/readers.

Rob Terpening

Golf can be dry, but the Cinderella Kid's career was one anecdote after another. A good director could make this a great movie. We're talking about driving a $7 jalopy into prestigious Winged Foot Golf Club, almost getting thrown off the property, and winning the tournament; getting a hole in one, on the fly, in the 1940 Masters; beating Babe Ruth for $17 in a driving contest; beating Bobby Jones for $1 in a Masters practice round; having the Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) give you his necktie after you used a dinner knife to help him fix his golf goes on and on. And, his struggle to win the US Amateur, where he made it to the final match 3 times, and never won. I think that if a producer could get Timberlake in the lead role, it could be a successful movie. But, what do I know? I'm just an old man with a golf story to tell.

Art Thomas

Hello Rob:

Congrats on your screenplay. Consider drafting a compelling 'query letter' to Iron Ocean Films, a film and TV production company founded by Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple.

In addition, you might reach out to the reps for these golf-loving actors:

hope this helps. Merry Christmas and Happy 'successful' New Year!

Tracy Woody

Welcome! Interesting!

Rob Terpening

Thank you!

Ronald J Drescher

Rob, did you ever follow up on these suggestions? Wondering how it went for you. I'm an avid golfer myself and your description of this story is compelling.

Rob Terpening

Hi, Ronald. I've been trying to connect with celebrity golfers but with few results. When I did make contact, the results were negative. I keep nudging people on social media and have made some contacts. I made a Twitter contact with someone who knows Jeff Crowe. He is trying to get his cousin, Russell, interested in the project. After the AT&T Pro-Am, another Twitter contact actually got the script into the hands of Clint Eastwood. Haven't heard anything., yet. And, I just finished reading coverage from a professional writer who I met last week. He mentioned several areas where the script needs work. Back to the drawing board.

Tasha Lewis

Welcome and Congratulations! Visit Stage 32 for resources.

Mike Taime

Rob, this sounds like a great story. Don't lose hope. Do you have an agent your working with on this one? Any contacts know someone through - JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE/TENNMAN PRODUCTIONS?

Rob Terpening

Mike, Thank you for that info. Going to nudge.

Phil Clarke

Sounds great. All the best, Rob. Here if I can be of any help.

Stavros Georgiadis

Have you had it assessed? The Script. Perhaps submit it to competitions. If you can get to telluride or Sundance to shake hands and pitch I’d do that.

Rob Terpening

Just yesterday, I received coverage. I need to add more drama. Clint Eastwood, by a stroke of luck, actually has the script. Waiting to hear.

Alfred D. Griffin Clark

That is Awesome!

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