On Writing : How many at once? by Alex Marroquin

Alex Marroquin

How many at once?

To all my fellow authors, I would like to ask how many books and stories do you normally work on at a time? If multiple then how do you juggle your time between all your work?

John Day

Usually two -- outlining or drafting something new while waiting on notes for the other one.

Luna Kayne

I am currently working on book 2 in both a trilogy and a series. So, two second books. I shift back and forth between the two. Right now, I'm focusing on the series because the story is flowing easier than the trilogy. I'm aiming to complete it and while I go through my own editing, then hiring an editor/etc, I will shift back to the trilogy and finish that one off as it requires a higher level of research (and I'll have more time to focus on it when my girls go back to school in the fall). I try to look 6 months ahead and schedule my time accordingly. It doesn't always work that way.

Daisy White

2 books a year atm!

Brent Bergan

I'm working on one actively, but, I'm constantly thinking about the next screenplay, trying to work it out in my head.

Dee Cooper

Currently working on 4 separate novels, 3 short stories, 2 collaborative novel projects and a massive headache. I write in sprints and choose my projects during each day, some get words all at once and some escape me on any given day. I try to aim for better 2-5k words in whatever I may be doing.

Alex Marroquin

Dee Cooper Wow! How do you manage all those projects at once? I'd love to chat with you more in a private message.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Currently working on two features, one of them in prep with lots of script changes, one in early writing, the three next episodes of my series Sin 13 (premiered July 11), and overseeing story development of a special presentation to be shot in November. I do what needs done as it needs done, and work on all scripts several times a week. Hard to say anything more than that.

Elizabeth Bernardini

Do any of you go the "Self-Publishing" route?

Luna Kayne

Elizabeth Bernardini I am self publishing.

Tristan Hutchinson

I am currently self published.

Daisy White

I self published originally.

Matthew Parvin

I try to focus writing one thing at a time. But I may be outlining or researching something else while writing. Personally, it keeps me from feeling trapped or getting bogged down with ONLY one project at a time.

Tristan Hutchinson

I work on one at a time, but my brain is coming up with ideas for three.

David E. Gates

Depends what I'm in the mood for. Or if I give myself a deadline, or competition entry I want to achieve, to complete the work.

Scott Sawitz

2-3 .... with an idea jar for everything else. The idea is I always having something fresh I'm working on with other things about for notes and thoughts from people I trust enough to help guide my writing.

Dan McCrory

I find if I work and focus on one project, I’m more likely to finish that project. Otherwise, my energy is scattered and I accomplish nothing. But that’s me.

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