On Writing : Shakespeare--Rabble Rowser! by Jeff Lyons

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Jeff Lyons

Shakespeare--Rabble Rowser!

May 1, 1517 England had another refugee "problem" ... and this little-known 400 year old banned speech written by Shakespeare was used then to voice support for refugee rights--and now being used again today--Ian Mckellan reads... amazing... http://bit.ly/2d9bYTT

The People Speak, Ian McKellen performance
The People Speak, Ian McKellen performance
Ian McKellen performs William Shakespeare, Sir Thomas More, Act II, Scene 4 (c. 1593), at The People Speak event, London, September 2012. Hosted by Colin Firth and Anthony Arnove, authors of the book The People Speak.
Karen Chamberlain

Ian is amazing.

Debbie Croysdale

This is new to me and I studied Shakespeare at 3 drama institutes. We live in an era of political correctness in 2016 (and have done for some time) but I'm now wondering why this was banned in 1593? Thanks for the share Jeff.

Michael Giuliano

I saw him Sir Ian other notable English actors on stage at Monash Uni theatre in Melbourne about 13 years ago. A small theatre, you are close to the actors and can see every expression. Waiting at the stage door was easy and we met them all. Delightful personalities and very human people.

Cassidy Cash

They are just now putting it together that Shakespeare collaborated on plays like Sir Thomas More. This is a great speech, handled by an expert.

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