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Ali Stolar

No Idea What to Do Next

So I have this script that I wrote a couple years ago and have been editing and revising ever since. I'm also an actress and have been doing both acting and writing for years, but I have never done anything with one of my scripts other than entering this last one in a competition. I would love to get my screenplay made into a film, but I have no idea how to get started with funding, finding someone to produce it, getting a director, or any of that. It's a great script and I want to make this happen. Is there anyone interested in helping with this film or pointing me in the direction of the right resources? Everything I read says mainly to get a manager or agent (which I've tried and gotten nowhere). Here's the synopsis for my script- JUAREZ follows the life of Jake Davies, a retired FBI agent, after the death of his daughter and separation from his wife. His daily routine is pathetic and monotonous until he accidentally takes in Tia, the barely-adult daughter of the Mexican drug lord that has unknowingly taken his former partner into her gang. While Tia is believed to be in possession of valuable information which turns her into an enemy of the cartel, Jake must head to Juarez to take down the drug lord and rescue his old partner. Thanks in advance!

Ali Stolar

I think it's so common for the action hero to get the girl. There's hardly ever a female sidekick/companion in action films that one of the main characters doesn't get romantically involved with. Not that there aren't any exceptions to that obviously, but that does seem to be the norm. I'd rather not give too much away, but the "old partner" is who he blames for the death of his daughter in a way, and his relationship with Tia is more paternal than anything else. I didn't want a sexed-up action flick like so many of the films out there. I wanted it to have a deeper, more serious element to it. And beyond being an action film, I wanted to shine the light on the very serious drug and crime problem that is actually happening in Juarez, and that women are becoming more and more involved in the cartels. I think it's a great script and it shows many different sides of the human condition. And no I can't speak for others, but the few I have let read the full script agree that it's definitely one of the greater scripts they've read. So while it might not be automatic Courier Font gold, it does have some real potential.

Ali Stolar

I don't know, I think having the female lead be in her 30s would be more of a stereotype in the particular setting of my script. And all action films are going to be somewhat cliche, there will always be at least one element where people will say "oh thats been done before". But with that said, I am striving to do something different, that's why the drug kingpin is a woman, the female lead isn't a love interest, and the true identity of the old partner is not exactly what it appears. But I can't exactly give away everything that makes this script what it is as a whole so of course all you're going to see is the basic plotline.

CJ Walley

Sounds good Ali :)

Ali Stolar

Thank you :)

Ali Stolar

That might be true if it was a story about "a hot chick in his shadow". And I think almost all women can relate to the theme of a father daughter relationship. Whether its the absence of a father, or a close relationship with your father, or having a strong father figure in your life. And its about how they both help each other when they both need it the most on the brink of self destruction. I think more than just women in their 30s can relate to that. And I think it's also important to show young women that they can break the stereotype of being just the sex object or damsel in distress. Her young age fits the overall tone of the film. It would change the whole dynamic to make her older.

Dean Gransar

make it happen

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