Producing : Are Producers Ever Credited as Exec Producers Too? by Jeremy Burgess

Jeremy Burgess

Are Producers Ever Credited as Exec Producers Too?

I just produced a short film that I co-wrote with the director, and I also happened to finance roughly 2/3 of the film from my own pocket. Should I be credited as both Producer AND Executive Producer, or is that redundant/unnecessary? (For perspective, a couple of our most generous donors will be listed as Executive Producers, but I'm afraid it'll look like they financed the whole thing if my name isn't listed with theirs. I don't want to sound like a credit whore but, you know, I did finance 2/3 of the film.)

Michael Wearing

I'd give yourself whatever credits you want.

Shaun O'Banion

Can't say I've ever heard of this. EP and Producer are generally two different titles, but in your case you performed both duties and it's a short, so... why have an EP credit at all? Producers raise money, too. If I were you, and based on your long-term goals, I'd pick one. If you want to be viewed as a money guy, take the EP. If, however, you want to be viewed as a creative producer (who can also finance projects if necessary), take Producer.

Doug Nelson

I think you need to define the terms "Producer" and "Executive Producer"

Donny Broussard

A Producer is usually the only job on a film that is with it from inception to completion, and through to its sale, and marketing and promotion. They turn ides/scripts into films, put together cast and crew, and are responsible for all aspects of a film's production. An Executive Producer (for film, TV is different) in most cases supervises the producers of a film. They are usually invested in the film or connected to investors. They oversee the quality and workflow of the production. You can take both credits, but in my opinion it looks bad. Producers can put up money as well and you've already got a writing credit. I'd just pick one and stick with it. I agree with Shaun that the Producer credit holds a little more creative weight.

Doug Nelson

Sometimes it seems as though we feel a need to over complicate things. When I think of “Executive”, I envision some guy in a gray flannel suit in an office making lots of phone calls. I think the “Producer” is the guy running around on set getting things done. I was a “Line Producer” and I have no idea where that term came from – I was just running around, making things happen.

Jeremy Burgess

Thanks guys! I think I'm leaning toward just the Producer credit. Creative credit is more important than financial credit to me anyway. Really appreciate the advice.

Matt Milne

I've never noticed this before, there's always a first time for a new practice.

Mark Ratering

Executive Producer puts up cash producer works for him

Regina Lee

For film, take the producer credit. For TV, take an EP credit if possible.

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