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Heather Hale

You're welcome, Steven! I'm doing a whole series of How to Pitch TV for NATPE (the National Association of Television Program Executives). I don't think I've managed to remember to post them all :-) but I try to! ;-) As they publish them, they launch from NATPE's NATPEWord website here: I think there will be 14 of them when we're finished (and about 8 - 10 exhibitor profiles and other features). Love to hear what you think! It's fodder for a book I'm writing! ;-)

Heather Hale

Yes she does. ;-)

Aray Brown

Thank for sharing!

Heather Hale

You're welcome, Aray! ;-) Here's today's (or maybe yesterday's!) ;-)

Heather Hale

All of 'em can be viewed here:

Cherie Essan Laurent

Hi Heather . I have produced a 7 series of a 26 min. TV show Called Ma- Cherie . you can view it on . I did sign international world distripution with " aroud the world films " but the perosn Died before he did the job , i was living in NYC back then . now The show is on Australian TV and I would love to sale it to the international market . any advice please ? kind regards

Cherie Laurent

Heather Hale

Excellent, Cherie. Have you tried the markets? So, if I'm understanding you right, you have one season of seven 26-min episodes? In the can? Already aired in Australia?

Cherie Essan Laurent

Hi, thank you for your email , I have produces 7 Seasons and working on Number 8 now in my episode no.4 , Each seasons is 13 episode . each episode is 26 -min , with 2 Brakes for TV , all been screened in Australia . on Channel 31 , 44, WTV ,

You can view the Ma- Cherie TV show on Http://

If You Can help me with distribution around the world this will be great .

Please let me know

kind regards

Cherie Laurent

0401586898 I do live in Melbourne Australia . `

Cherie Essan Laurent

sorry I just found your respond as The web sent to many emails and I do lose Track . I like to submit my Bio to you and the TV show synopsis .

Cherie Essan Laurent

Cherie Laurent has an exotic background that ensured an immensely creative destiny - her father's heritage is Persian and Spanish, her mother's is Arabic and French. She didn’t realize at a young age how grateful she would be for this multi-cultural bloodline. It was set to influence her future in ways that she never expected.

Cherie was introduced to art at a young age. Her mother and father, both avid art fans took great pleasure in encouraging their children, and often took her to the theatre and cinema. Cherie regularly became lost in art galleries where her siblings exhibited, only to be found sitting in front of a piece of work, admiring and commenting on it. This was the beginning of a lifelong dedication to art, in all its forms.

At the age of 15 Cherie took a part as a film extra, thus spurring her advance into acting and into commercials. While she cultivated her interest in singing, painting and photography, she began dancing lessons, gaining knowledge in ballet, flamenco and belly dancing. At one of these ventures she was spotted by a modelling scout, and with an opportunity to travel and experience the world, she decided to follow this path. It would take her on a journey to Paris, London, Milan and, finally, New Zealand, where she worked on leads in commercials, television and films.

Cherie has proven to be a versatile actor in that she can adapt herself to any role required; she works in drama, comedy, action, and musicals, never being typecast to a particular role. She reinvented her looks every six months, thus giving her portfolio a huge variety.

Having been in front of the camera and producing many photographic exhibitions, Cherie decided it was time to try and create her own works. She had dabbled in script writing throughout her life and wanted to turn an idea into reality. Her first film, The Message is a short film that she wrote, produced, directed and starred in.

Since this first experiment in film, Cherie has gone from strength to strength, producing, directing and starring in numerous films and two television series: Ma Cherie, an eclectic collection of music photography and imagery, and Men on Heat, a comedy show that discusses sex through double entendre. These are currently showing on Channel 31 (Victoria) and Channel 44 (Adelaide) and have been shown in 13 countries, along with The Message and Innocently Guilty.

After living in New York City, New Zealand and Sydney, Cherie is now based in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently producing new episodes of her show Ma Cherie, and recently released her first music album. She still works as a model and actress, while working on her biography “The Journey From Mars to Venus”. Incorporating music and documentary, it will cover the highs and lows of Cherie’s journey, from a childhood that saw her survive four wars, growing up as transgender in the harsh reality of a Muslim country, transitioning from a male to female model, and the often violent discrimination that she has faced. Cherie is passionate about supporting victims of bullying, violence, rape and child abuse, and has found her voice as a woman while standing up for women that suffer abuse and are treated with disrespect. She believes in making the world a better place with more understanding, compassion and kindness

Cherie Essan Laurent

Ma-Cherie is an exciting new series for television, produced and directed by the Australian filmmaker Cherie Essan Laurent.

With each episode running in a 26 minute format, Cherie has created 56 episodes across 5 seasons.

Using her wide array of skills to surprise the viewer, each episode is different. Some combine general elements including high class drama, comedy and risqué psychological thrills; others reveal unexpected views on the human experience and body image. The viewer is taken on a sensory ride while the actors are taken on a journey of transformation. One controversial episode showcases music videos related to the subject of sexuality, including a song denied by Rage for being too X-rated. Viewers regularly requested more screenings of the wild music video on public TV channels.

In the second season, which takes a documentary focus, Cherie shifts gears to go behind the scenes, talking about what she went through to create each episode and how the show came into existence through a chance encounter in Sydney. A notable highlight is how she describes making the 11 minute short film, The Message, on a $25 budget, a film that was shown in over 16 countries. Other highlights include going behind the scenes of the exotic 1001 Arabian Nights spectacular, and the making of Spirit, filmed at midnight around a gothic cathedral in Sydney.

The show’s popularity allows Cherie to change focus again in season three, as she invites people to submit their photos and visit the studio. Cherie tells the story of key individuals - how she found them, what is special about them and how they ended up on the show.

Season four then has Cherie taking the viewer through the process of a full makeover for her on-screen male and female talent, creating new personas before presenting them to the public.

Throughout all episodes, Cherie’s pursuit of and dedication to the beauty of men and women is consistent, as well as her commitment to challenging commonly held perceptions of sexuality. Ma-Cherie is lush and bold, always fun, and never predictable.

Cherie Essan Laurent

Ma- Cherie TV show

The first 35 episode highlights

Ma-Cherie is an exciting new series for television, produced and directed by the Australian filmmaker Cherie Laurent.

The fifty-six episodes TV show "5 series", running in 26min format. The series aims to constantly surprise the viewer with sensual on-screen concepts in an unconventional stylization.

Cherie Laurent has used their wide array of screen skills to produce a tv series that is a powerful, lush and sensual experience.

Titles such as:

Dream of the Desert, Innocently Guilty and The Journey Series reveal unexpected views on the nature of humanity and the human experience.

The Ma-Cherie series combines elements like: high class drama, comedy, and risqué psychological thrills so fluently take the viewer deep into the sensual side of the humans, such as: SEX and Sensuality and The Art of Sensuality, to concepts about B&D and Body Images.

The talent in Cherie’s films is often everyday people off the street.

Working in Cherie's films, the male and female actors are taken on a journey of a transformation where they are given Hollywood star looks along with music videos and films being created around them.

Ma-Cherie features music short films like: "I Have No Choice", “OI OIOI randy sailor boy", “SEX IS MY GAME”, "Good girl turned Bad", to theatrical shows such as 1001 Arabian Nights, to the gothic world in The Spirit film. Drama titles include 20-minute films like The Message, to art films like

Innocently Guilty. Comedy titles include Men on Heat, Constable Dick and the

Wet Cat.

The following is a sample of what you will see on the Ma-Cherie TV show:

Episode 1 - Dream of the Desert.

Fantasy, illusion and magic in the sand, featuring Cherie Laurent's exotic

themed creation based around mirages of romance. A desert wonderland is

brought to life with an array of luscious models with the underlying message

of "I am your illusion and your confusion". Spunky, hunky..are words in the

English language that doesn't do justice to this supple, exotic desert idyll.

Rhythmic dance movements are translated into a beautiful eye-catching

imagery with a neo-classicist bent. Sultry expression dance is allied with

a pulsating soundtrack personified with lyrics such as "I can't get enough of your lips".

Dream of the Desert/ Ma-Cherie TV show By Cherie Laurent

Episode 2 - The Renaissance Collection.

The Renaissance Collection showcases the engaging art direction of Cherie

Laurent. Tantalizing costumes, seductive lighting, and startling makeup plus

sensitive camera direction result in an eclectic array of imagery that

deludes the senses. Young models replicate the high renaissance style of

Raphael, Michelangelo, and Botticelli. The viewer is drawn into a world of

languid sensuality and of barely suppressed torpid desire. Classically posed

models bring to life the romanticism of bygone eras.

Episode 3 - The Brocade Collection.

Visual embroidery with attitude best describes Cherie Laurent's multi-layered

imagery where the strong use of architecture and human form makes for striking

symbolism with Spanish emphasis. Every day people in this series are

transformed into lyrical characters of imagination, they have been turned from lead into gold. Pre-Raphaelite interiors

create a mysterious sensuality that defies all photographic art-realism that

has gone before. This is high-level art photography that is rare, and if not-never before seen

Episode 4 - The Eve Collection.

This is all about the beauty of women depicted both in the physical and

emotional sense. Four years in the making, Cherie Laurent has captured the

deeper sensual side of women with his unique blend of mysticism and

modern-esque photography and film. Angels, mermaids, sirens, all images of female

beauty in antiquity and ancient classicism style dresses and exotic cloths..

through to contemporary lingerie and swimwear, offer a feast to the senses.

Cherie has used many technical devices and locations to take you to other

realms, including that of biblical erotica representation. Driving

soundtracks complete this very alive evocation of woman's beauty in nature.

Episode 5 - the Men On Heat pilot program.

This situational comedy pilot program is a radical departure for Cherie

Laurent who boldly brings to life slapstick non-PC comedy with a woman's

perspective. The pilot has been screened in 8 countries, garnering comments

of 'Controversial' 'Funny' 'Odd', but a must-see..'. Men On Heat challenges

commonly held perceptions where women are not objects and express

comic sexuality. The main character is Dr Liz Swallow, a sex therapist who

deals with mainly men's problems, with Wet Cherry, the virgin and JC - all

contributing to comedic situations that explore left-field notions and norms of conventional and alternative sexuality.

Episode 6 - 1001 Arabian Nights Extravaganza

This extravaganza stage version of Arabian dances is based on an ancient

tale of love and tragedy depicted in colourful costumed dance and drama.

This Arabian fairy-tale is brought to life by Cherie Laurent's direction and

choreography. Essan plays Cha-Rehalayal the Arabian emperor who on discovering

his wife's unfaithfulness kills her and takes a virgin every day. That is,

until he meets the beautiful but elusive Schara-Rizard. The passion and dance build up to fever pitch climaxing in a matrix of colour and movement.

The 1001 Arabian Night '

Episode 7 - Sex and Sensuality.

Showcase a group of music videos written and filmed by Cherie Essan Laurent related to the subject of sexuality. The song Sex Is My Game was considered by Rage stating that it was too X-rated. Viewers regularly requested more screenings of the song on public tv channels." CAN I TOUCH IT?" A wild and controversial music video that got the nuns smiling with a grin! In it, the main female character was the rebellious nun who wanted to express herself sensually.

SEX & Sensuality

Episode 8 – Spirits

You are taken on a journey to the beauty of the cold stone cemetery spirit

world. Gothic dark themes are portrayed also featuring the haunting song Baby I

Remember that talks about lost love and his endless nights with memories of the past.

Death and spirit never looked so sensual be for the episode Spirits

on Ma-Cherie

Episode 9- Beauty & the Beach.

In the first part, the song "Good Girl Turned Bad" song provides a playful dance beat soundtrack to the story of a young girl who is looking for the perfect love is the right thing but then discovered being bad was ultimately more satisfying. In part two, a beautiful young woman in leather transforms into a mythical sea pool nymph.

Episode 10 - Tears and laughs.

Viewers with these three 6-minute films are taken on an emotional rollercoaster in The Message, followed by the art film with a political the message about racism in Innocently Guilty, with a tongue in cheek view of justice in Constable Dick And The Wet Cat. These three films have been screened in over 15 counties around the world in film festivals.

Tears and Laughs

Episode 11 - Australia’s Most Erotic Males.

The Ma-Cherie showcases Cherie's 4-year search in Sydney for the sexiest looking men. Essan has chosen them to create a tv program collection that covers men from all nationalities, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Blond, black, olive, dark to the Asian, American, Canadian, Spanish, French, Indian to any man of any race - they all share one thing –they are all hot on-screen talents. Also showcased are many of Cherie's collection of photos which includes how the men are transformed from everyday nice

guys to star quality males.

Australia’s Most Erotic Males


Ma- Cherie - Series No. 2:



In this series, Cherie talks about the story behind the scenes, the good and the

bad behind creating the first series. Each episode is called the "Journey" and Cherie talks about what she went through to create the show.

Episode 1 : Journey No.1

Cherie tells the story of how the tv series Ma-Cherie came into existence

through a chance meeting with a TV producer who was watching one of Cherie Essan’sIndustry Night tv spectaculars being filmed in Paddington, Sydney in 2002.

Journey No 1

Episode 2 - Journey No.2

Cherie tells the story of the behind the scenes to build up to each show, the ups and downs of camera direction, preparing the on-screen talent and the rising emotions and pressure. Cherie 's photo exhibition is seen during the making of the episodes which resulted in media coverage in local metropolitan newspapers and magazines.

Journey No.2

Episode - Journey No. 3

Interviews with Cherie Laurent about creating the Eve photo collection and

the episode, featuring the many beautiful female models. The song as

features OiOiOi I Am Your Randy Sailor Boy on Channel 7’s Australian Got Talent, both written and performed by Cherie Laurent.

Episode 4- Journey No. 4

Interviews with Cherie Laurent about creating the exotic1001 Arabian Nights spectacular which involved 40 dancers in authentic traditional haute-couture Arabian costumes. Essan wrote the screenplay and choreographed the wild dervish-like dances. Dance house music underpinned the emotional love story. Featured are the dramas and emotions behind the making of this event in an

extraordinary three days.

Episode 5- Journey No. 5

The Essan's Laurent Industry Night was the springboard for many more film and photographic projects. The public response to the style, beauty, and creativity showed that a particular area of art appreciation existed.

Episode 6 - Journey No. 6

A trip around the world as showcased in the Industry Nights of different cultures and backgrounds such as in The Silk Road, Leather & Lace, Love and Desire and much more.

Episode 7- Journey No. 7

The story behind the making of Spirit filmed at midnight around Sydney’s main gothic cathedral. Dancers dressed in flowing translucent fairy dresses perform magic like around the glimmering deco-styled pools and under an emerald green trees. Shown are the dancers being prepared and made up to the astonishing energy they put into their performances under Essan’s direction.

Episode 8- Journey No. 8

Cherie describes how on $25 she made the 11-minute film: The Message that was

later shown in over 16 countries around the world, sharing the tricks of the

trade on making a movie with no budget that looks like a film with a large budget.

Episode 9- Journey No. 9

How does one access such wonderful male talent with no budget? Cherie talks about

how she met and encouraged the numerous men to become involved in her

lush films and photographic projects.

Episode 10-Journey No. 10

The male and female talent in Cherie's films are often startlingly photogenic and

show the depth of their feelings. Cherie talks about how they find unique talent to fit

within creative film ideas.

Episode 11 - Journey No.11

Episode 12 - Journey No.12

Episode 13 - Journey No.13


Ma- Cherie - Series No. 3


In this series, the show’s popularity allows Cherie to invite audience to submit their photos and visit the studio. Cherie tells the story of key individuals, how she found them, what is so special about them and how did they ended up on the show.

Journey No 11 - Maurice

Journey No 12 – John

Journey No 13 – Laura, Matt, Melissa and John

Journey No 14 – Mary, Paolo, David and Yee

Journey No 15 – Kerrie, Unknown Austrian John and Danni

Journey No 16 – Yvonne

Journey No 17 – Tina and Norman, The new dance mix of OiOiOi Randy Sailor Boy.

Journey No 18 – Sarah, James, Hope and Fiedi

Journey No 19 – Anna, Andrew, Carmen and Tony

Journey No 20 – Louise and Essan, Dream of the Ocean

Journey No 21 - Stacey

Journey No 22 - Lisa Marie


Ma- Cherie - Series No. 4:

THE JOURNEY - "Discover the Best of Everyday people on the streets "

Series No 4

Cherie shows the process of a full makeover for her on-screen male and female

talent, creating new personas before presenting to the public.

Journey No 23 -

Journey 24 - Christmas Special” Mary. " Erotic "

Journey No 25 “Christmas episode”.

Dream of the ocean " Art & erotic "

Episode :- " The Art of Sensuality" " Erotic "

Episode:- " The Fairy-Tale" " erotic "

Episode:- "The Round Art" Beauty can come in every size !

Episode:- "Who is Your Favourite ? "

Episode:- "TheFan's Favourite"

Episode:- " Who is Your Favourite "

Favourite / Ma Cherie TV show

It is an episode devoted to the audience choice of there Favourite clips that have been showcased on the Ma- Cher...

The Arts Episodes ------------------------------------------

Episode:- "Episode:- " The Art BRAT "

Episode:- "Suzzan Black Art "

Episode:- " Tamara Sexual Fantasy "


Ma- Cherie - Series No. 5


Episode: 1- The Shoe Lover Ma-Cherie TV show

From the kinky side of men wild sexual fantasy. Men that love women Shoes

Episode: 2- Male Whore

From the kinky side of men wild sexual fantasy. Men that Fantasized about been having sex and getting paid for it with the women of there dreams .

Episode: 3 - Sheron Sunday School

A female school teacher finds herself being taken on a wild mysterious journey during a dream sequence. A suppressed memory of a teenage hazing school ritual re-opens a window to her past & her fascination with the concept of Lesbian experimentation. It leads her to exploration, & utilizing her female power within the world of BDSM.

In contrast, we explore the other side of the BDSM world with the submissive student that enjoyed and loved the liberating feeling of letting go of her power and enjoy submitting. This episode deals with the audience on a different level, going to the deep dark corners of the psychology between men and women’s sexuality.

Episode: 5 The Missionary

From the Hands of God to the Hands of lust and desire ! the story of a nun struggles with her sexual fantasy.

Episode: 6 Fictitious Boundary.

A suppressed teenage school girl takes us though her thoughts, feelings, emotions & sexual fantasies, all while growing up with a conservative religious background, in a family that lives with old Victorian values.

Through her gazing, wondering and longing eyes, she reveals her wild desires and hunger to explore the male body, and get filled with passion and Lust.

The temptation of the outside world rocks her boundaries, making her beg for more experiences.

Her imagination takes the audience to a world of ecstasy leaving them begging for more.

She discovers her power as a woman, liberating her actions, setting her free to take her sexy fantasies further. During a dream sequence, she starts gender role-playing, becoming the man in a sexual relationship & taking the initiative.

But wait there is more … This episode takes the viewers out of their comfort zone.

Episode 7 Returned to EDEN

The suppressed world of priesthood facing Temptations of lust, sex, beauty and desire .

Episode 8 Broken Wings Desire Part 1

Episode 9 Broken Wings Desire Part 2

Episode 10 Broken Wings Desire Part 3

Episode 11 Broken Wings Desire Part 4

and much more .

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