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Angavu Grace

Pitching via email

Hey guys if you have the email of a top executive what's the best way to go about pitching them your idea? Could you guys please share some templates you use or so, thanks.

Maria Restivo Glassner

It depends on what the exec likes to get. Some will prefer you send just a logline and they say yay or nay and send a contract. Then they go from there. That's about as much as I know.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq

My advice is 1. Never send unsolicited pitches through email. You should contact the person first and request a brief phone call. 2. You shouldn't show anything important to anyone without an NDA first, excepting only public information. Sending anyone your proprietary information before that is just giving it to them. Remember, there is no copyright protection for an idea - only the actual expression of that idea (ie. your script) is protected. 3. Generally, if you reach out only by email, it's not realistic to expect a response.

Emily J

It sounds like you want to send out a query letter. I would check out this great webinar:

Amanda Toney

I agree with Emily, what you are referring to is a query. Be aware of that most executives do not take unsolicited cold queries. If you still decide to send something to this person, make sure that it is short and sweet - they get hundreds of pitches a day and don’t have time to read anything long. Define the genre and format of the project, why the story is relevant right now, and what your connection to the material is. 2-3 sentences max. Also include the log line. That’s it. If they are interested, they will respond to you. But please be prepared that most likely they will not. Instead what I would do is network to meet people who know the executive that could make an introduction to you to be able to pitch them. We say all the time here on Stage 32 that relationships equal reads. Keep us posted how it goes.

Amazing Kacee

Are you referring to a studio executive or what type of executive are you referring to exactly?

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