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Ashwini S. Prasad

E-Book Published: How to Write Inclusively

My e-book is out on Kindle or paperback on Amazon! Please share and put up a review including a topic you would like me to write about next!

Summary: Inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging are hot topics in 2020, especially in media and Hollywood. This short, yet informative e-book written by a neophyte screenwriter explores why inclusion is important for the arts, media, entertainment, and publishing areas. Any writer in the world will benefit from the analysis that centers around Hollywood, issues regarding race and sex in the United States, and a simple how to guide to start writing inclusively. In short, any writer who wants support to make their writings more inclusive in a world that is hungry for inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging will enjoy this read.

Ashwini S. Prasad

Damian Lloyd A lot of time, research, and labor went into the e-book and it was priced accordingly. I receive a lot less money in royalties.

I hope you will take a look!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Congrats on finishing the book, Ashwini S. Prasad! I would have to disagree with Damian Lloyd. The price must reflect both the length of the book and the quality of the writing/content. 31 pages written by a high school drop out that didn't go through a proper revision process is not going to be as beneficial as 31 pages based on thoughtful research and careful revisions done by someone with their masters (who knows how to both write well and research). If this book is intended as a textbook, and it could be, then it seems appropriately priced.

By the way, one of my textbooks is 96 pages and sells for $19. The quality of the writing and content does warrant an increase in price:

Ashwini S. Prasad

Damian Lloyd -Thanks for the feedback. Take care.

Ashwini S. Prasad

Thanks for the support Karen "Kay" Ross! If you end up checking e-book or paperback, I would love your feedback with a review and what I should write next.

Ashwini S. Prasad

Damian Lloyd Thank you for the opportunity to further clarify. I hold three Master’s degrees with two focusing on anti-oppression and anti-racism issues; the other is a MBA. Therefore, quality of writing is synonymous with time and effort, because the same rigor I put into writing and researching my two theses is what I applied into my e-book. Readers who are interested in my topic will purchase my e-book.

I will adjust my summary to reflect my accolades so readers are clear about who I am, and to preface the caliber content they should expect in the e-book and paperback. Thanks again!

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