Screenwriting : A Crime Comedy Film Told in Vignettes by Arron Kramers

Arron Kramers

A Crime Comedy Film Told in Vignettes

I'm in a process of writing a crime comedy in tone of Quentin Tarantino and early Guy Ritchie but I wanted to have the film be told in vignettes, can this be achieved or would it end up as a jumbled mess?

Shara Maude

Hm...Sounds like fun! There's definitely the potential for that to happen, though. I guess the only thing you can do is make sure that the story is really well in hand.

As Tarantino has proven, you can tell a really interesting non-linear story and have it turn out just fine. You just have to know your story. If that makes sense.

Bill Costantini

Connected or not....sure it can be done. Go, Short Cuts, Paris I Love You, Coffee and Cigarettes...many of Jim Jarmusch's earlier films, actually...Love Actually....The Bellboy...Four Rooms...Manifesto....several Fellini many can do it, Arron!

Phil Parker

I'd also agree that it can be done, but I'd probably posit that the more connected they are, story wise, the wider your audience appeal will be. Otherwise it will just feel like unrelated episodes smushed together. Some have relied on thematic cohesion over story with limited success. Study a few that have worked AND not worked and see what works best for you, I reckon. Best of luck!

Ray Biddle

Write the vignettes first, then write a wraparound story to tie them together.

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