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Carol Chang

Advice on learning

I hope to be a working screenwriter one day. I have a non film job, can anyone recommend a online course for screenwriting?

Ken Koh

I can recommend Gotham Writers Online

Ken Koh

And Jessica Brody. I met her when she was developing her ideas and now a major picture deal, she's been through the whole process and will share it for cheap

Rob Jones

There's all kinds of free resources out there Online of course and at a library. Those still exist, right?

Ken Koh

There are tons you can find. However, it's also good to have it all structured and guided, you'll save a lot of time. Jessica is someone who teaches and do at the same time. She is talented but also kinda hit the jackpot with a major picture deal, 3 I think. Learn from her before she's big. I don't subscribe to Hollywood but if that's your thing then she's good.

Carol Chang

Thank you Ken. I will try Gotham before Jessica.

Martina Cook

Hi Carol, I tried many courses and I must say I wish someone told me to avoid spending too much money at the beginning of this quest - my suggestion is start with free stuff first (YouTube has gazillions of videos on free screenwriting and you’ll see so much free material is available!) and do some research before spending any hard-earned $€£...there are hundreds of teachers out there and it’s a maze in which you can get lost...see if the free stuff takes you somewhere first...also start writing screenplays, start with shorts if you want a quick turnover, even if you know nothing about structure or character arc, start fleshing out ideas on story because that’s what it’s all about...good luck with that! :)

David Timber

Youtube is a good resource. Try this, Film Courage, they have a number of well know screenwriters and other established pro's and it's a treasure trove for free.

Pierre Langenegger

I agree with Martina, don't waste money on courses, certainly not during the early stage of screenwriting.

To get an idea of structure, read screenplays, dozens and dozens of them, then write something. Make sure it's clean (I'm talking typos and formatting) then put it out there for feedback. Get as much feedback as you can and pay attention to common comments. Fix it up and put it out for more feedback, then read more scripts.

Buy The Screenwriter's Bible by Dave Trottier, the most valuable book you can have.

This is a good start and will get you a long way.

Dave Bullis

Carol, I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I'm a screenwriter, and I've also had a ton of screenwriters on my podcast including Alex Dinelaris (Birdman), Derek Kolstad (John Wick 1 & 2), Al Watt (LA Writers Lab), and RIchard Walter (Chair of UCLA Screenwriting Dept) to name a few. It's all free too.

Carol Chang

I have been studying a lot from YouTube, and Jessica Brody's courses looks really interesting and reasonable. Film Courage is also excellent. Thank you all for your suggestions. This is wonderful.

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