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Amazon studio

those using amazon studio can you tell me whether you like it and give some details about it and how it works?

Craig D Griffiths

Didn't mind it. They passed on my script and I can see why. They want things so polished you can see your face in it. I have left my work sitting around a bit and can see why I wouldn't make in its current form. I will resubmit it. They read it and get back to you in 45 days. You don't get any feedback. But people that use Amazon can read your work and leave comments.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

I did too. The same experience. However, it is another option to get your screenplay produced. I will try again.

John Michael German

Dear Jackie Jimenez: I initially tried Amazon Studios, but after further research at the time, they weren't accepting many scripts from that side of things to actually be made. You sign an agreement, for 45 days, if the structure is the same from the beginning of this year, that gives them first dibs to option the script. It then goes through their process, including Amazon Wars, where it goes through automatic Stages. Your logline does get put into their Amazon Wars, so you can see how that alone measures up against others. People vote on your logline against someone else's. Sincerely, John German

Jackie Jimenez

thank you

Richard Buzzell

Amazon no longer requires an exclusive right to your script for 45 days. You can submit to them and then submit the same script to as many other places as you like. If Amazon wants your script, they will make an offer for it and you have the right to accept it or decline it. They're now in line with standard industry practice because they want to be able to receive scripts from WGA writers.

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