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Screenwriting : Beat Sheet by Ty"Raj Wright

Ty"Raj Wright

Beat Sheet

What is a beat sheet? How is it helpful during writing a spec script? How long should it be?

Danny Manus

a Beat sheet is a general guideline of important structural or plot beats, approx where they should occur and what happens at those beats that keep the story moving and progressing. Yes, its important. but its also important to not let any specific beat sheet dictate your story - just help it. but it helps new writers stay on track with their plots and structure. Save the Cat is perhaps the most widely commonly used.

Anthony Moore

Its kind of like an outline to help plot your story, so that you know around what page, which action should happen. It can be very helpful to keep your story on track and prevent writers block because you already know whats going to happen. Doesn't matter how long it is. Personally, I only use one page and format mine as sort of a timeline of milestones in the story. But yours can be as detailed as you feel you need.

Ty"Raj Wright

Thank all you guys so much!!!

Larry Gilmore

Look up Blake Snyder and read "Save the Cat". He has a great beat sheet and explains all of those points you need to hit in your screenplay and when. It really keeps you on track.

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