Screenwriting : Does this title work? by Thom Reese

Thom Reese

Does this title work?

Hi, all! I'm writing a werewolf screenplay with the working title, "Beneath a Furious Moon." I'm going back and forth on the title. Some days I think it's cool, others it feels clunky. I'm open to your thoughts. Thanks in advance for your feedback!!!!!

Brett Hedlund

How about "Beneath the Furious Moon"? Sounds a little more intense.

Thom Reese

Thanks, Brett. I'll mull that one over.

Craig D Griffiths

The movie Moonlight was based on a Novel, “in the moonlight all black bits look blue”.

If you sell it, it will change.

Rutger Oosterhoff

This all depends on if you really want the audience to know what the basic theme of the movie is through the title. If not, you can simply call it "Blue Moon" , why not.

This guy with the sad eyes turning in the middle of now ware. This girl witnessing it.

Music sets in:

Blue Moon

You saw me standing alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own

Rutger Oosterhoff

Ohhh, shoot, it is already in "An American Werewolf In London".

Stephen Thompson

Furious Moon

Claude Gagne

Shouldn't a title reflect a bit about the content of the story!

Cannon Rosenau

I vote with Stephen Thompson Furious Moon sounds more intriguing. Your original Beneath a Furious Moon sounds like it's for a romance film. But oh boy, I almost hate landing on a title more than a logline!

Joe Thayer

I second Furious Moon

Thom Reese

Thanks all. Some good thoughts here. I'll seriously consider "Furious Moon" or maybe "A Furious Moon"

Richard P. Alvarez

I vote for "Furious Moon'. Also - understand that if you option it - they might create a totally different title. Happened to me three times.

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