Screenwriting : Get tips from Shonda Rhimes on how to write and pitch your script. Hey, she's successful ain't she? by Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Get tips from Shonda Rhimes on how to write and pitch your script. Hey, she's successful ain't she?

This is an advertisement masquerading as a news item; but, I've heard good things about these Masterclass courses. Recently, Aaron Sorkin did one, and now Shonda Rhimes has thrown her teaching hat in the ring. So, if you lay down the meager sum of 90 bongo bucks, you can get this 6+ hour online course. And actually, that price ain't bad. If you're interested, here's the link to the article and class below. 

Has anyone taken the Aaron Sorkin Masterclass?

C Harris Lynn

I'm in Sorkin's class. When I get the $$$, I plan on taking Steve Martin's too! :D

Linda Hullinger

I took Aaron Sorkin's class when it first came out. He's a good instructor, but his class was not exactly what I was looking for at the time. I was trying to learn about writing TV pilots (especially comedies) and he spoke a lot about The West Wing show. Being that I had never watched it before, I couldn't relate to his examples very well.

Anthony Cawood

I think David Mamet is doing one too...

Myron DeBose

I'm a huge Arron Sorkin fan and he is a master dialogue writer. I'm also a huge Shonda Rhimes fan. Her transitions, flashbacks, hooks and cliffhangers got me addicted to "How To Get Away with Murder". These showrunners are worth a thousand for 6 hours of their process-probably more.

Raymond J. Negron

I'm in! RJN

Dan MaxXx

Whoever is in charge of assembling masterclass videos is doing a fantastic job.

The physical production- camerawork, audio, editing, color correction- is top shelf.

My cousin purchased the Serena Williams tennis videos and Ive seen about 2 hours of Sorkin class. I might buy my mom the Gordon Ramsey cooking class for mothers' day.

And you got 30 days to watch and refund your $$$. Just re record the videos on your Cell phone :)

C Harris Lynn

I had never watched The West Wing, either. I binged it on Netflix when I bought the course. It was good, but it got really good after Sorkin left - but it became a totally different show. Sorkin's seasons were fun, but more comedic and moralistic, and far less politically complex - more "in a perfect world" kind of politics - which is great... if you don't know anything about politics. It never tackled anything too real - in fact, it was running when 9/11 happened and never even mentioned it.

Jamie O'Connell

I don't think I would want advice from someone who write shows about adultery. It's awful how that show Scandal glorifies it. Unless you write those types of terrible moral crimes in a way that shows the consequences, then you're basically saying it's natural and okay. The kicker is that it isn't. It is far from normal or okay. I would rather find a successful person know for doing wholesome/family entertainment to critique my work.

Jody Ellis

Not sure refusing advice from someone who "writes about adultery" makes sense. Just because someone writes about something doesn't mean they believe in it. I've written about people getting away with murder but I don't believe in it. It's called entertainment. People love to see people doing things they wouldn't do themselves, and the success of shows like Scandal prove that.

Of course, there is also a market for wholesome stuff too. Lots of "God movies" as I call them, and some quite successful. Not my cup of tea but that's the great thing about the industry, there's a niche for everyone.

Anthony Cawood

Jamie - it's just fiction, and very popular... lots of movies glorify subjects that are morally reprehensible but interesting, Silence of the Lambs for example with Dr Lecter.

It doesn't make Shonda Rhimes a bad person to learn from, she's also created/written on Greys Anatomy, Princess Diaries 2 etc... I'm sure she's got a lot to teach and being able to learn from different people/sources will help you grow as a writer.

Jamie O'Connell

It really doesn't matter. I have every right to choose whom I get advice from since your writing reflects your nature. Anyone who thinks it is okay to glorify such hurtful and damaging behavior has issues they need to deal with in their own way. I choose to keep the moral high ground and write for wholesome and positive ideals. And that doesn't mean "God" films. It simply films that have good values like fidelity and love. Things we should be teaching this generation since it is so poorly lacking.

Jody Ellis

So are you saying anyone who writes about behaviors that can be construed as hurtful or damaging must be lacking in good values and morals? That's a pretty judgmental statement, wouldn't you say? I know plenty of writers who write about some crazy shit, but are also some of the kindest, nicest people you could ever meet.

I prefer staying grounded in reality as opposed to the moral high ground, but you're definitely right in that you can do whatever you want and choose who you get advice from. Good luck.

Anthony Cawood

Jamie, you write whatever you like, and take advice from whoever (or not) you like, as you said it's your choice...

But I genuinely don't think that your writing reflects your nature... we are making stuff up, it's make believe, no different to an actor playing a role...

C Harris Lynn

Got another one.

Martina Cook

I did the Sorkin's course, loved everything before the writers' room, and then really struggled following him with his students doing a real-case scenario example...Don't want to spoil it, writing TV is probably not my thing! But for $90 it's a bargain. Some unknown writers ask extortionate amount of money for courses recorded over Skype...

Brian Walsh

I'm about 2/3 of the way through Sorkin's class and really enjoying it. I tend to go in a few classes and then give them time to digest. He's very genuine about how things work, both from a writing standpoint and a business standpoint so there's a lot of good information.

Jamie O'Connell

To Anthony and Judy. It is not judgmental when you are making a FACTUAL observation. You genuinely have no understanding of human psyche. The reason you can tell a person's style is because there essence is inside of their material. Look at the scores of John Williams. You can ALWAYS tell when he scores a film. He has a distinct essence and presence. That is the power of your subconscious. Unless you are a professional con artist, you can't hide you ideals when you create. Your inner thoughts and feelings ALWAYS take over. I don't have to take advice from anyone. i have to right to choose my mentor. It only proves that you have no respect for yourselves or morals if you defend the fact it's okay to glorify horrendous behaviors. It is a writer's ability to spread good values. If they waste the opportunity to do so and choose to teach frankly destructive

C Harris Lynn

Y'all really need to start clearing these fake accounts before they open you up to liability, civil or otherwise.

Jody Ellis

Ya know, I can discuss and disagree with things on many levels, but saying I have no respect for myself and no morals is incredibly insulting. It also speaks volumes about your own morals and values if you are comfortable speaking so hatefully to others.

Oh and it's Jody. Not Judy. If you're going to insult me, at least get my name right, lol.

I won't respond further as it only takes away from the thread at hand (sorry Beth but I do have to defend my moral character!) but I do think it's interesting that people point fingers about others lack of morality while also being rude and insulting.

Jody Ellis

C Harris Lynn is it a fake account?! Well then, to quote Gilda Radner as Emily Litella....nevermind. ;-D

C Harris Lynn

Prepare for "server hiccup."

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