Screenwriting : Hello by Brett Osaka

Brett Osaka


My names Brett Osaka, and I'm new here!

Morris Stuttard

Hey Brett! Welcome!

Mariannjely Marval

Welcome Brett! What do you like to write? :)

Brett Osaka

Feature length movies, mostly happy life stories (fictional of course), that span long range of time.

Doug Nelson

Hi Brett & welcome to the flock. Since you're new here, how old are you somewhere else?

Brett Osaka

I’m not sure what’cha mean Doug? Are you askin me where I’ve been? And what I’ve done while I was there?

Monica Mansy

Hi, Brett, welcome aboard! There are so many amazing things to learn and be a part of here on Stage 32. I would most definitely stay active in the lounges, check out the “Script Services” and “Education” tabs and if you would like to try out the Writers’ Room (work on pitches, script coverage, table reads, learn about the craft and business) for a free month, please email Jason Mirch (, the Director of Script Services. P.S. He’s also an amazing go-to for any questions about career next steps!

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Brett. Nice to meet you.

Barry John Terblanche

Hi Brett, welcome to the Adams family.

Phil Clarke

Welcome, Brett. My door is always open if you ever want to talk. Just don't steal my stuff. :-)

Doug Nelson

Brett - I'm just kiddin' witch ya.

Jim Boston

Brett, welcome to Stage 32! Wishing you all the VERY BEST!

Martha Caprarotta

Brett Osaka Welcome to Stage 32. In addition to the lounges, check out the many blogs that offer screenwriting advice, free script downloads, breakdowns of films and TV shows, etc.

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