Screenwriting : Know any resources for trends in scripts that make it to production? by Johnnie Mazzocco

Johnnie Mazzocco

Know any resources for trends in scripts that make it to production?

Does anyone know of resources I can consult to follow trends in scripts that are being bought and/or making it to production? This would include particular genres, themes, as well as budget, etc. I'm interested in following both indie and Hollywood trends. Thanks for any direction you might have!

Monique Mata

Scoggins Report on SpecScout: Though I think this veers more towards Hollywood market and doesn't include budget.

Johnnie Mazzocco

Great, thanks, Monique It's a good place to start.

William Martell

Look at what sells (Scoggins is a good source) and also what was successful at the box office this weekend (and what failed). When something is successful, executives start looking for more things like that to put into the pipeline. Because no one has a crystal ball, they best they can do is use the recent past to make decisions about the future. You should write the type of movies you pay to see every week.

Amanda Toney

Johnnie there is a webinar coming up in September that will focus on Trends in scripts that make it to production- keep your eye out for it in the Next Level Webinars area. I think it will be exactly what you're looking for.

Robin Chappell

"NObody knows Nothing." William Goldman Write what you want to write, and learn how to write well. Don't go chasing after Trends, because Trends are transitory. Don't go chasing after unicorns. No one saw Game of Thrones coming until after Martin published the first book. When asked how to become a good writer, Kurt Vonnegut said, "Read. Read. Read."

Johnnie Mazzocco

Robin, I'm not "chasing after trends." I ask only because I've been hired on as a script editor/consultant, and I want to be informed. Shannon, thanks for the heads up about the upcoming webinar. I'll keep an eye out for it! William, Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it in mind.

Shelley Stuart

"Nobody knows anything," actually. From Adventures in the Screen Trade.

William Martell

Check the context on that in Goldman's book, by the way. That quote gets pulled out and used in many ways it was never intended. That was also written before computers became a common part in screenplay and film decisions.

Nanette L. Baird

Its my thinking to first evaluate my target market-demograhics. If its commercial trend tjat you're seeking out. I happen to consider these aspects as I rewrite more so than creating the orginal first draft. T can be shown so many ways through your characters traits and arcs then. Hope thats helpful. Have fun. Xox

Danny Manus

Jason Scoggins' Spec Market Scorecard is free and shows what is getting bought. As to what actually gets MADE... just look at what's in the theaters. What gets made is pretty clear - Book adaptations, Superheroes, Big budget sci-fi action, animation, faith-based films budgeted under 10M, Thrillers, Horror movies and supernatural made for under $6M, and R-rated comedies and prestige indie dramas made for under $25M. Trends change, but that doens't mean you shouldn't know what's selling.

Johnnie Mazzocco

Thanks, Danny!

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