Screenwriting : ‘Nice’ Rejection Email... by Vic Burns

Vic Burns

‘Nice’ Rejection Email...

I got invited to join a newly formed screenwriter’s circle last week.

Received an email today saying they loved the work, but it was too good - which would leave me at odds with the rest of the group.

Man, I wish they were producers.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

That's odd. You'd think they'd want to have people of all skill levels to learn with. Then again, I've never done a writer's group so beats me.

Christopher Phillips


Daphne Russell

Strange compliment for sure...

Richard Buzzell

Ask them for a second chance. "I can do worse. I promise. Tell me how bad it needs to be, and I'll give you all the dreck you can handle."

Stefano Pavone

Too GOOD? That doesn't make sense!

William Martell

If I ran the group I would want someone better than everyone else, so that we could secretly pick their brain and learn how to improve our work. You get better at a sport by playing against someone better - someone who challenges you and forces you to do better.


Doug Nelson

My basic philosophy is to always play pool with someone who can beat you.

Brett Hoover

Best rejection letter ever.

Dan Guardino

That sounds like a newly formed screenwriter’s circle of idiots.

Pierre Langenegger

I've come across those sorts of groups before and I never understand it, by keeping everyone at the same level, they can't improve.

Rosalind Winton

Just about writer's groups, I write poetry and I wrote a poem once, many, many years ago for a friend who had just had their first child. Another friend suggested I join her writing group, which I did. I showed them the poem and the comment that came back was (and this is no word of a lie) - 'How can you write about having a child, when you don't have a child yourself?' I was flabbergasted. My reply... 'How did Shakespeare know what it was like to kill a King?' Suffice to say, I left the group.

Owen Mowatt

Forgive me for adding a little perspective here, but couldn't it also be read as a polite way to show you that back door, as your work is below their group level???

Vic Burns

Owen Moffat - True dat, but they’d also be liars in that instance, and they seem like nice people.

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