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Nice response

I love it when I get feedback like this- I am extremely interested in the sample you have given. I think it is definitely along the lines of what our creative team is looking for. Of course, like I said, being super low budget, gives your script an advantage for sure. Thank you very much once again for your response, and I will be in contact over the next few weeks once our creative team decides on if we will be moving forward with you.

Bill Costantini

Deenur - congrats in filling a market need (ULB), and having a story good enough for consideration! Good luck and Happy Writing! I hope they choose you! I predict that over the next five years, as the Internet-based cinema services mature, that more and more LB and ULB films will be made, and will find audiences. Cable VOD has shown a substantial growth over the last five years. Internet-based cinema services are still in their infancy and are poised to explode over the next few years, and especially for the current younger generations. Writers who haven't taken note of this should take note of this. Hollywood studios and big-budget movies will always be there, but it's a whole (and new in some ways) world outside of that. Good luck and Happy Writing, writers!


I see more and more requests for ULB (ultra low budget, under 250k). I think its a good idea for writers to have at least 3 in their quiver, of differing genres. If its good, people will want it.

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