Screenwriting : Pitchfest by Tiffany Heller Wambach

Tiffany Heller Wambach


I signed up for an online pitch slot for this weekend's pitchfest. Would love to get any tips or advice anyone wants to share. Thanks!

Tiffany Heller Wambach

Thanks, Joey.

Tiffany Heller Wambach

Thank you both. Unfortunately, this is a written pitch but I can still take your advice to the page. I truly appreciate the input.

Tiffany Heller Wambach

I'm am blown away by the thoughtful feedback that everyone has provided. Thank you so much. I hope I can return the favor one day.

Michael L. Burris

Tiffany while I'm considered "New" here is what I have learned. Write your "pitch" out and stress "Highlights" told in the first person. "I have a story for you" is a good opening. Never say this screenplay of mine or what I wrote is about. I have researched and read a lot and if you do the same you will find what I learned. Also many say tell your story in acts and maybe that approach works but just as theory and what I learned I think when I "pitch" I will give an overview then hit them with the "Highlights". Included in your "Highlights" include a "Highlight" of why you believe your story is so marketable perhaps right at the end. Again I'm considered "New" but I have listened and read so many that are successful. With that said I also think outside the "Box" of the standard sometimes. Research, research, research Tiffany and good luck. If you believe in you it gives you a better chance of others believing as well. I'm not an authority and in no way want to be condescending. I'm just a screenwriter who is ready to "pitch" so many diverse stories as well. I do however reiterate I have read and listened to so many that are successful making that my knowledge base. I don't believe I'm better or worse than any screenwriter out there but I do believe I'm very comparable.

Dan Tonkin

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse - I'm not a half bad writer (... i'd like to think) & when i got to pitch last December, but my pitch kinda let me down as I let my energy & passion kind've get in front of me... Would've given anything to make that day like 'Groundhog Day' (the movie) & replay & replay until i got it right... Best of luck :)

Tiffany Heller Wambach

Dan, it's a learning experience for all of us, but try, try again right? Mine is written pitch because skype pitches were already gone but it has already taught me that I can get my description down much tighter than I ever expected.

Laurie Ashbourne

Hey Tiffany, something that comes logically to some in writing a pitch, is sometimes overlooked by others so just in case, here goes: Immediately set up the genre with the title and logline. (I like to say something like what I have for (company or exec name) is a (genre) that I call (title). Then go into your logline and then break out the acts in separate paragraphs (short ones) the second act can be two short ones. End it with an 'if pressed to compare I'd say (title) is (x) meets (y) with the tone of (z). Then sign off with your name and contact information.

Tiffany Heller Wambach

Thanks, Laurie, I did do that, though not in a conversational way since it was written, but I included genre and comparisons. Thank you for the tip!

Laurie Ashbourne

Best of luck!

Debbie Oliver

Tiffany this is a great way to get in front of people and pitch you work. I have done this numerous times and found it great. The people I pitched to are attentive and provide feedback and ask great questions. It also gives you great practice in pitching. Joey is great and he provides feedback from the managers etc on a very timely basis. Good Luck!

Patricia Santos Marcantonio

Be a storyteller, not someone pitching to a producer. No reading. No gimmicks. Don't let their eyes glaze over but don't be frenetically desperate. Love your story and entertain them with it. Good luck.

Fay Devlin

thanks for asking a question that I was going to ask!

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