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Ana Bradfield

Pitching Tips

GM! I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this question... I have the opportunity to pitch my TV Series, what language in the industry should I be using? My original background is in Contract Negotiation and Project Management..... so my lingo is a tad bit different.... TIA!

Danny Manus

English? Discuss story, characters, world, and conflict - not business & contracts. You're the Creative in this scenario, not the lawyer. Speak the language of story.

John Garrett

I just saw this and think it answers your question.

Ana Bradfield

Would you recommend pitching to friends and family first? I have fam in the biz.... but don't want slighted opinions.

Regina Lee

Yes, practice your pitch. As a producer, it usually takes me 2-3 weeks to get my pitch in good shape. And it continues to be refined every time I pitch it for the next several weeks. As a producer, when I pitch, it's most often pitching a new project to an agent. My goal is to convince that agent to forward my new project to his writer client. The agent is the gatekeeper. If I get past the gate, then the writer will review my project and see if he wants to meet me and maybe come on board to write my project. I will likely have to pitch the writer too to convince him to choose to work with me instead of the other projects he's considering.

Bill Costantini

Buena suerte, Ana!

Marvin Willson

I have a general with a major production company on Wed. Time for some push-ups...

Bill Costantini

Kick some ass, Marvin!

Stuart Clarke

Listen to Joey. He's excellent. Work on your energy levels. If you're not excited, they won't be. On happy writers, you get about eight minutes of pitch time. Try to pare your pitch to six minutes. This gives them time for questions.

Marvin Willson

Thanks Bill... Cue rocky music! LOL! Luckily it's not my first. But I've had my share of bloopers. LOL!

Marvin Willson

Update - I had my call with major TV production company, I pitched and got a script request!

Ana Bradfield

CONGRATULATIONS MARVIN!!!!! That is SOOO awesome!!!! You are on your way!!! Sending UNIVERSE CHANGING VIBES your way!!!!

Marvin Willson

Thanks. It's the third request in two weeks. Fingers crossed...

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