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Regional language in scripts

HI all. I'm an English guy from the UK and have a few buddies acting in the US. We were discussing scripts the other day and i had an idea for a story set in the US. My question is, as an English writer do I write the script with English spelling or American spelling as it is set in US? Does it depend on whether or not the script is submitted in the UK or US that will dictate the spelling used?

A. S. Templeton

Probably not significant in screenwriting. AE & BE do have minor differences in spelling, grammar, usage--color vs colour, "different from" vs "different to", sweater vs jumper--but if a story is told well with standard formatting , it's doubtful that such quibbles will make a diff.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

mmm, I think you'd best write everything in Americana ....spelling, descriptions, and especialy dialogue (the way people talk). I mean, if it's set in the an American would never say 'You'd best'

Beth Fox Heisinger

Yes, strive to have the writing fit the world of the story and its characters. ;)

Doug Nelson

Anthony; my advice is to just write your story. If you want to set in the US, maybe when you're done writing it you could ask an American writer to help or you may want to co write with an American writer. Your choice.

Anthony Lucas

Awesome, thanks folks

Dan Cassell

I recently converted the majority of my work into 'Americanise', which, basically just involved adjusting the page sizes from A4 to US letter (which will add a few more to a feature length script) and changing the language settings in Final Draft, which eliminated a few u's and added a few z's...

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