Success Stories: NOV'9 Script Request

Antwon Taylor

Script Request

Hello, fellow creatives. Wow! I not only gained a NY agent for my comedy script "The Carpet Guys," but I also just got a request from a production company to read my supernatural, fantasy/thriller feature script "Grey Tiger: Part 1." God is awesome! However, I will not get my hopes up too high just yet. I do know the saying. Lol. I wish you all a blessed and prosperous day.

Stephen Barber

Damn great!

Antwon Taylor

Thanks, Stephen. Hope things are moving along for you as well, buddy.

Antoine Pentreath

Nice Antwon!

Gerard Thoolen

I hope it´s ´going to work out fine for you!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Antwon!

Antwon Taylor

Thank you all. Much success to all of you. :)

Jon Eric Smith

Antwon can i add you to my stage 32 list

Paul King

Fab news, gives all of us typing away in dusty corner, a glimmer of hope!

Antwon Taylor

Sure you can add me to your list, Jon. And I know exactly what you mean, Paul.

Kenneth W. Wood

Sounds great Antwon. God is awesome.

Antwon Taylor

Indeed he is, Kenneth.

Kathleen Burke Monju

Congrats Antwon, hoping your path to fame is paved with greatness! Good feelings, good luck!

Tina Goldsack

God bless ya! Congratulations.

Jon Eric Smith

God is strong !

Jon Eric Smith

Great job im still looking for an agent

Tina Goldsack

Did you find one yet?

Antwon Taylor

Hi, Tina. Actually, my comedy script, "The Carpet Guys" has been picked up and will be produced by the same director/producer/actor that I am writing a feature script for, based on a true story. One of the stipulations was if I am willing to change one of the characters to Middle-eastern. In which case I am definitely willing. As for my script, "Grey Tiger", the production company that is currently producing two of my shorts told me that he would love to make the film next year, if noone else jumps on it by then. Thanks for asking.

Tina Goldsack

Awesome! So good for you! It is always so exciting when we work hard and doors open. I am making costumes for a movie in Sept! Super excited as it is my first time.

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