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Anthony Vignier

Script coverage

Has anyone used coverage services for their script including those offered by Stage 32? Any feedback or recommendations is appreciated.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Anthony- Not yet but I have done several script swaps with fellow Stage 32 members that I have grown to trust in my one year of membership. From everything I have read here on site and in the lounge the "Happy Writers" script coverage is valid,credible and quite affordable. I still plan(when $$ allows) to take advantage of Joeys service. As a matter of fact I am hoping that Joey comes east in a few weeks with RB for the Tribeca Film Festival where I first joined one year ago. If you do decide to explore other script coverage services make sure they are based out of either the L.A. area of the New York area. I was told that these are were the most experienced services exiist for obvious reasons. And also ask to see which executives you can choose from to read your script. You do get that choice with the Stage 32 coverage service. If they give you any vague answer that does not ring true than walk away as I am sure you are smart enough to do. Sorry if I rambled on a bit. I wish you great success with your upcoming projects and I will close with this: "Stage 32 is the greatest creative fellowship organized since Shakesphere had the gang over for Mutton and Ale to talk shop".

Anthony Vignier

Thanks Steven - greatly appreciated.

Dee Chilton

I did, a while back. Over the moon with the extensive, helpful and knowledgeable feedback and advice I received. The good thing is you get select and get a guaranteed full read by an Executive of your choosing so there is an added opportunity if your work is a good fit for them and/or their company to create a networking opportunity and connection for the future.

Phil Clarke

As an experienced script consultant myself, I'm going to be somewhat biased. The important thing is to get your script to the right standard. Giving it to an untrained family member or relative is not going to be too much use to you (unless you can count Spielberg or Robert McKee as an uncle!). There are many solid script editors, doctors, call them what you will, out there. I, myself, am happy to talk to anyone about their script.

Marla Dean

I was curious about coverage too. Great responses.

Regina Lee

If you have time, please try to check out: We discuss all that plus NOTES vs COVERAGE.

Boomer Murrhee

I got coverage through Happy Writers and was pleased with the results. I found the comments insightful and received impressions of areas which would be more marketable. I have since re-worked the script and gotten feedback from several S32 members. I have sent the revised script out again for coverage through Joey at Happy Writers. I have to say, I have this feeling that it could be better every time I hit the send button. I need the eyes of others to align with other visions and perspectives. However, I will endeavor to always remember who I am as a writer. Too many cooks can ruin the soup. Best of luck to you Anthony. Onward through the fog.

Phil Clarke

Yes, it's important to state that you, the writer, have final say on the script. We script consultants can only advise. I often hear that many new writers get into a muddle, trying to apply every note they get. You need to assess every piece of advice to see if it truly works for you. I can only comment on what I provide as a script consultant, but I always aim to explain in plain terms why X is perhaps not helping or how Y could be improved, giving writers the benefit of my experience.

Kody Chamberlain

I used Pilar Alessandra a few years ago for an original script before sending it out to industry people, the notes and suggestions I got back were fantastic.

Anthony Vignier

I appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions.. Thanks Joey I think I will be doing so shortly - by the way your appearance on Pilar's podcast this past week was awesome - I recommend that everyone check it out.

Carl Stevenson

I've tested several script consultants and one of them really stood out. I can highly recommend Script Reader Pro It's a team of Hollywood screenwriters and their script notes proved to be spot on! My last three scripts were all covered by them and all went into production! The team is also always available for follow up feedback which I think is crucial.

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