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Issie Mathurin Saminou

Script software

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask, what is the best script writing software in the market?

I am currently using Celtx.

Rosalind Winton

I use WriterDuet, it's really easy to use, I've been using it for about two years and I have found the free version perfectly fine for writing my script.

Issie Mathurin Saminou

Thank you Rosalind. Will try it out

Aray Brown

there have been previous discussions about this. There is no best scriptwriting software. MoviemagicScreenwriter, Fade In, Final Draft, Celtx, etc does the formating for you so it all comes down to comfortability and affordability. Celtx is free unless you want to convert to pdf. Fade In is 80 dollars. MMSW & FD are the most costly, unless you can afford it.

Aray Brown

You import and export final draft files in Fade In if need be.

Issie Mathurin Saminou

Thanks Aray

CJ Walley

Best is like a finding the right brushes and paints, it's personal to the artist.

The two hot ones right now are WriterDuet and Highland 2.

If you want something that can do novels too, look at Scrivener.

Full list of options here;

Paul Gerard Grammatico

I've used a bunch of them. The best ones I've used were FadeIn and Final Draft (which I'm using now). I liked Movie Magic Screenwriter but they could never get an app together as I like to have the flexibility of writing on my computer and on my smartphone or iPad. I am using Script Studio for my attempt at novel writing.

Zowie King

I've heard about Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter

Anthony Moore

I user WriterDuet because its web based and I do most of my writing on the go. I do final edits with Final Draft.

Issie Mathurin Saminou

Thanks everyone for the input.

WL Wright

I was happy with Writer Duet then I had a conversation with one of the script service people and they said I need to get Final Draft like it's an ultimate must. In an odd way I appreciated that comment beyond the advice on Final Draft.

Samantha Garcia

I use Highland 2!

A. S. Templeton

Fade In Pro.

Craig D Griffiths

Celtix is fine. I used it first. I use Writerduet now for the collaboration.

Maurice Vaughan

Final Draft and WriterDuet.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

I like WriterDuet, but I am biased. The creator is a good dude.

Paul Gerard Grammatico

Nick Assunto , Craig D Griffiths I checked out the WriterDuet website. Which of the three do you use? Is there a huge difference between the three? Just curious. Thanks!

Maurice Vaughan

Nick, I met the creator of WriterDuet a long time ago. I met him online. I think WriterDuet was different then. Nice guy.

Craig D Griffiths

I purchase everything in the WD universe. I am in Sydney and work with overseas producers so the online collaboration is great.

I also love the apps. I do 90% of my writing on the iPad app.

Erick Freitas

I use a combination of writer duet and final draft. I never really had the problems, other people complain about. I tried highland 2, but I couldn't' get into it... Maybe I should give it another shot.

Dan MaxXx

i have 5 programs. There's minor format spacing and page count differences in every. Final Draft uses their own Courier font. Guessing 85% of produced tv and film scripts posted online were typed on FD.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Paul Gerard Grammatico I use the online version pretty strictly. I sometimes will have three script tabs open at once if I'm organizing or punching up. It was PERFECT for when I was writing on a sketch show and we were all working on multiple sketches at once, the collab feature is fantastic. I used to download all my files then back them up on google drive or email them to myself as safety, but now I just keep them on WriterDuet and then download the PDFs of whatever current draft. So I have the full version but am always using on the site.

Jordan Paley

Coming here to jump on the WriterDuet train. My one complaint about it is that the app uses a CRAZY amount of memory on Mac. But otherwise, it's fantastic.

I also have Final Draft for the purposes of tagging and scheduling, as I work as an AD a lot. But almost all of my writing is done in WD.

Sam Borowski

Final Draft.

Brett Hoover

I can't comment on Final Draft or WriterDuet as I have never tried them but I have found at least for beginning screenwriters Celtx is worth the money.

Rohit Kumar

I use Kit Scenarist. Though people frown upon Russian software developer, but I really love this free software. It gives everything, from all OS support, multiple language, mind maps, stats/graphs, character , location setup, cloud interface. I use Linux, so I tried Trelby which isn't working now anymore, celtx I can't install, Scrivener is good I have it but use it only to write stories. Manuscript I used. But now only using Kit Scenarist. You can import, export to Fdx files too or docx, pdf. It's easy to use and gives everything for free. And the guy who built it is quite amazing guy.

Craig D Griffiths

Jordan Paley when I am on my mac I just use the website. I

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