Screenwriting : Sometimes it pays to revisit old scripts by Jody Ellis

Jody Ellis

Sometimes it pays to revisit old scripts

Just had to share this, since I know most of us have at least a few older screenplays we've written and put in a drawer. Discussion here over the last couple weeks prompted me to unearth an old horror/dramedy script I wrote a few years ago. I dusted it off and started rewriting it (my God it is amazing how bad some of it is. I've learned a lot in those few years). Anyway, just for grins, I put it out to a few producers on VIrtual Pitchfest, which is my usual go-to pitch site and with whom I've made some great connections. This morning I already had a read request from one of the producers! Just goes to show, you never know when the time might be right for a certain script! Don't be afraid to re-visit and re-work those old screenplays gathering dust on your laptop :-)

Dan MaxXx

What laptop? :( my old scripts are saved on 3 1/2" floppy disks for a Brother word processor! Good Luck, J

Diego Lopes Silveira

I agree. Before writing scripts, I wrote MANY short stories, most of which were pretty terrible, but I kept most of them in different notebooks (I got a new one every week), and sometimes I find something I don't even remember writing that I actually think could work. It's weird to read yourself from an outside perspective. But it sure works. That's why I always say you should write your ideas, even if they're incomplete or just plain bad - at some point, they may be of use.

Linda Hullinger

Congratulations, Jody! Good luck with it!

Linda Hullinger

And Dan, I had a Brother word processor, too! LOVED that old machine. lol I bought a floppy disk drive converter to use with my other floppy disks but I'm not sure if it will work with the ones I still have from the Brother. Have you ever tried one of those?

Linda Hullinger

I just saw that your screenplay was listed in VPF's Monthly Hotlist Contest! Congrats on that, too!

Dan MaxXx

Linda- haven't tried. my old stories are not worth the black ink cartridge!

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