Screenwriting : Take the money or the credit? by Mike Chinea

Mike Chinea

Take the money or the credit?

I have come across some weird things and this one is up there. I came in on a project as a consulting producer, ended up rewriting the script and now they offered me a bonus to sign off the project. The ‘star’ wants all the writing credit along with directing and producing.

Jeremy Thornhill

Take the money. Put that you wrote it anyhow, uncredited.

Ruby Zandra Waller

Mike, take the money and credit for being smart enough to take the money:). Then, help me produce a video commercial for Doritos during the Super Bowl. My ideas for the Commercial are posted on my website. If you can improve it, all the more better. Then, if it's credit you want, no problem, I'll take the Million Dollars and a contract with Universal Pictures. You can have all the credit you want for making me successful when the video gets played during half time:).

Jon Bonnell

If the 'star' isn't already a name, then take the cash. The film will tank if an ego is calling the shots.

Paul FitzSimons

It also depends on whether you're trying to establish yourself as a screenwriter - if you are, it's the writing credit that might get you your next gig. If you're not looking for another writing job, then yes, absolutely take the payment and don't worry about the credit.

Hope Oluwafemi

The credit first, then the money will come sooner or later. But the credit is important to me because it's MY work. If it's a teamwork then i'l settle for the money.

Danny Manus

Money. if its good money.

Mike Chinea

This got to be the only place I know that writers got their heads screwed on right. I already cashed the check.

Ardua de Potomac

Did you have a contract when you came in as consulting producer? If so, did it specify writing responsibilities?

Derek Ladd

For me it would depend on the project. Is it the kind of project that could launch a career, produced and directed by like-minded artists who really believe in the story and put their hearts and souls into it? I'll take the credit please. Or is it the kind of project where the money is good but the story has been butchered beyond recognition and the producer, director and/or lead actor demand the credit and maybe treat you like something they scraped off their shoe? Cash the check, walk away and don't look back. It sounds like you made the right decision here, Mike.

Sandra Campbell

If it's a script I didn't have much invested in, I'd take the money.

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