Screenwriting : What are your favorite coverage services.? by Art Wasem

Art Wasem

What are your favorite coverage services.?

I am looking at getting coverage on a couple of limited series scripts I've written. What have you used and liked and which ones should I avoid?

Debbie Croysdale

Premium pilot or feature 2 page consulting for reason we get to choose own executive. Prior research is vital on who exactly to submit your full script to. I've limited stories set in USA but their expertise, non judgmental criticisms and what they "did "like helped me to move scripts on in Europe.

Amazing Kacee

Art Wasem - I would suggest never getting written notes from an executive but rather doing a live call with an executive, you send them your entire script, and then you can talk and brainstorm with them about your script! Best of Luck!

Maurice Vaughan

I've been getting coverage from trusted writers/directors/producers over the years instead of buying coverage, Art Wasem, but I did have a great Feature Script Read/30-minute Talk with Executive. It was with Michael Wormser (

I plan to try out Stage 32's Script Coverage from an Industry Reader (

Amazing Kacee

Maurice Vaughan I would suggest you NOT spend money from an industry reader simply because you yourself are in the industry and technically an industry reader yourself. I have had major problems with Stage 32's so-called industry reader as the term industry is loosely used and some of the readers have not even produced anything ever!

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for the concern, Amazing Kacee. I plan to try out Stage 32's Script Coverage from an Industry Reader because it'll be a different set of eyes on my script. Plus, I want to try it out so I can recommend the service if it's something worth recommending. I'll be sure to pick a reader who has produced films or writing credits.

Amazing Kacee

Maurice Vaughan this platform does not let you choose the readers, and you do not know who they are, they are anonymous unless they have changed this!

Maurice Vaughan

Ok, thanks for the heads-up, Amazing Kacee.

Maurice Vaughan

I checked the "Purchase Script Coverage from an Industry Reader" page, Amazing Kacee. In the "Who’s Your Reader?" Section, it says:

"A working entertainment industry professional reader. All of our readers have at least 5 years of studio, production company or industry reading experience, and they’ve been individually vetted by Stage 32."

"We also know that anonymity can be intimidating, so you’ll receive a brief bio of your reader so you can see the qualifications of the person giving feedback!"

Dan MaxXx

this dude called, "The Script Mechanic." He used to be on done deal website. Not sure if he's still in the game.

Another dude (it is all dudes doing this) called, "Scriptfella". He's got a youtube channel about screenwriting.

And there are the usual services like wescreenplay. roadmaps, coverfly, stage 32.

Blacklist website is something else- use them when you think your script is ready for the market. they do evaluations (not coverage/notes).

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