Screenwriting : What do you think it takes to win an Oscar for your screenplay? by Nikki April Lee

Nikki April Lee

What do you think it takes to win an Oscar for your screenplay?

I've been trying to figure out what all of the Oscar winning films had in common. It's abit hard to figure it out when some of these particular films were worth their awards and others weren't. What's the secret? What direction to take?

Max Boyce

a novel story that has never been told or is told in a better or different way. but i'll tell you the real secret if you send me $50.00. good luck

Angelo Bell

You're missing the point if you're trying to judge an Oscar-caliber screenplay by looking at the movie. Winning Best Screenplay has nothing to do with the finished movie. Read ALL the nominated scripts, not just the ones that won.

Chuck Dudley

Woody Allen Michel Hazanavicius Kristen Wiig Annie Mumolo J. C. Chandor Asghar Farhadi Quentin Tarantino Michael Haneke John Gatins Wes Anderson Roman Coppola Mark Boal Just to name the recent nominees and winners -- YEARS and YEARS and YEARS and YEARS of WRITING!!! AND Many more REWRITING!!!!!! Now get to work :-)

Evan Marlowe

Know the right people.

Endless Meghan Warner

If you spend your energy looking for the secret, you'll find your style.

Jacob Whitley

Spending your life trying to duplicate others in the hope of gaining their same accomplishments will get you nowhere. I spend my time just creating stories that reflect me. I try to think of ways that would make my work different from others and I spend my time sticking to my guns. Don't give in to something just because it worked for them. Do what works for you and eventually it will pan out. And don't write something with the mind set of wanting it to win an award. By doing that you'll cause the opposite effect because it's nothing but a regurgitation of other people's work.

JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox


RJ Smith

a miracle from God. Or know someone. Same thing.

D Marcus

The "Oscar" is not, nor has ever been, about excellence. It is a popularity contest. There is no direction a writer can take that leads to an "Oscar" win.

Jessica Hobbs

It seems that the best screenplay Oscar often goes to the film that should have won best picture. The best picture Oscar has less to do with the excellence of the film and more to do with politics and popularity.

Michael Olson

Merkel Robert, I get the sense that you're spamming us. Stop. Or leave.

Aaron Doolittle

I think the only actual merit an Oscar winning film has is that it, achieved more, it surpassed expected box office, people's expectations, that in the end it performed better than its means. And it's no cynical to say, the best picture nomination is accepted by the films producers. Without the right marketing and production team no matter how good the film is it won't win an Oscar.

Vonnie P. Davis

I think it is just a popularity contest, too, among the industry people. I also wonder if a celeb gets an Oscar this time around if he/she was overlooked too many times in the past. I would love to win the Best Original Screenplay Oscar. The way to doing that I think is focusing on my writing.

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