Screenwriting : What shows are you watching? by Imani Miller

Imani Miller

What shows are you watching?

i'm watching entourage. almost done. really loving it.

Becky Fink

I'm now watching The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow, but I just finished watching all the Entourage episodes in a week. I'm not sure what took me so long to find it, but I loved it and am so sad it's over. I think we should petition for another movie or a series reboot. I'd love to know what those guys would be up to now if the story kept going!

Samuel E Bregman

Dream Corp LLC, a surrealist comedy

Tom Batha

All caught up on "Peaky Blinders". I can't get enough of it.

Now going through "Ripper Street".

Stefano Pavone

Red Dwarf, Blake's 7, Doctor Who (original series - Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker are my favourite Doctors), Miami Vice and Nash Bridges. :)

Bill Costantini

Hi Imani,

I've been watching mostly recent stuff, and mostly on the premium channels. They get to explore issues/subject matter in more explicit ways, and that are more graphic and adult in nature. I think it gives me a good feel of what's more relevant today, and what the modern baselines are for adult content. My faves right now are (in no particular order):

1. Euphoria

2. High Town

3. P-Valley

4. Los Espookys

5. High Maintenance

6. American Gods

7. Now Apocalypse

8. I May Destroy You

9. Betty

10. Insecure

11. The Chi

12. On Becoming a God in Central Florida

13. Eastbound and Down (old show, but Danny McBride kills me.)

14. SCTV (even though it's 40 years old, it's still one of my faves.)

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, Imani, and stay safe!

Bo. R. R. Tolkien

Yellowstone. Hands down, a real man's show. With grit and gravel. It's more than just cowboy culture. It's the old west in a deteriorating new world. And Kevin Costner helms it. Dances with Wolves and Tip Toeing around Tigers.

Imani Miller

I Second that totally! Becky Fink

Natasha Powell

Recently watched game of thrones...that 8th Sean though

John Ellis

Yellowstone. Hanna. Brockmire. Hart of Dixie. Legends of Tomorrow. Homeland.

Looking at this list, eclectic is too nice a word - motley would be better.

William G Chandler Jr


Bill Costantini

John Ellis: LOL. I like "eclectic" better.

You look like you might be around my age (my apologies if you're way younger than my 58). If you are, you remember when TV was dominated by the Big Three networks. Then Fox came along. Then a few cable networks came along. Then cable exploded and another 20 networks came along. And then came new media/streaming.

But in those 1970's, those top shows like All in the Family, and Sanford & Son got like 30 ratings. Each rating point is roughly one million viewers.

Then in the 1980's, top shows like Dallas and Family Ties had 25 ratings.

Then in the 1990's, top shows like ER and Seinfeld had 20 ratings.

Then in the 2000's, top shows like CSI and Desperate Housewives had 15 ratings.

Then in the 2010's, top shows like The Big Bang Theory and Empire had 10 ratings.

Most of those decreases in traditional network viewing went to cable and elsewhere, of course. Some of the shows on my list don't even get a 1 rating, but they are great shows - at least to me.

Times have really changed during my lifetime, and every decade. Even every year. But I do prefer the word "eclectic." It's a great time to be trying to make content, though, and no matter how you slice it. The main difference between any of those past decades and now is in the amount of networks and shows, and the decreases in viewership totals on the highest-rated shows. There sure is a lot of stuff available.

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, John, and stay safe!

Imani Miller

John Ellis Nice. Now I'm binging The O.C. Looks like were both enjoying Rachel Bilson right now.. I know i am.. was actually considering Hart of Dixie.

John Ellis

Imani Miller Hart is a nice, light show with a great cast. For me, when I've had enough of Brockmire (it's great, too), it's a great change of pace.

Bill Costantini No apology necessary - I've got you beat by 4 yrs! And the best to you, too, sir!

Steve James

Just started season 3 of 'Bloodline'. I'm enjoying it!

Michael Elsey

I just stumbled on Four Seasons In Havana a limited series that follows Lt. Conde as he tries to solve crimes. I have seen two of the episodes and I am enjoying the rich characterizations and Havana noir mood.

Paul Grammatico

Been watching a lot of AMP Films: The Void, The Beach House, Z, After Midnight, Anna and the Apocalypse, Amulet. Been rewatching Black Sails and the HBO Documentary, I'll Be Gone in the Dark.

Julio Torres

Parks and Recreation! Always puts me in a good mood

Karen "Kay" Ross

I work to the first 3 seasons of CW's The Flash and at night our comfort food watching is Queer Eye. The real question is - what's next?! I think we'll do a double feature of Hamilton and the documentary We Are Freestyle Love Supreme. Did you read the blog from the creator of the doc? So inspiring!

Kiril Maksimoski;s good, it's European and it's good again :)

Karen "Kay" Ross

And now I'm re-watching GLOW on Netflix. SO. GOOD!

Phil Parker

I'm rewatching THE LAST KINGDOM on Netflix. Great writing, acting, directing, sets, and costumes. Sort of a medieval-England version of GOT.

Christopher Binder

Sharp Objects currently.

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