Anything Goes : Writing your own Bio by Cheryl Allen

Cheryl Allen

Writing your own Bio

Who here has written a great short autobiographical blurb they can share? I have to write one, and I dunno, I neither want to sound lame or full of myself. :)

Letitia R. Guillory

How short?

Bill Costantini

Oh come on,'s time to fire up the Praise Pit and blow some smoke! Heh-heh. Here's a quick primer.

1. Write it in bullet points - at least a first draft - so you can chart it all out simply for yourself and not feel overwhelmed.

2. List your most pertinent achievements - you have quite a few of them and it should be easy for you to do that, Ms. Modest. - chronologically or by importance.

3. After that, list a few things that aren't professionally-related, like charity activities, hobbies, family/friends stuff, and education.

I'd then convert that into two paragraphs - one for point number 2, and one for point number 3, and - VIOLA! - Cheryl has a short bio.

Best fortunes to you in your creative (and bio writing) endeavors, Cheryl!

Rosalind Winton

I've sent you a private message :)

David Whelan

I try to be different and write it from me, not as if a manager or PR person did it. It probably isn't the norm but then again neither is Pentatonix when they cover a tune or when Garth Brooks sort of fused a bit of pop rock into country back in the late 80's/early 90's and look how they are going lol

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