Filmmaking / Directing : Guns by Christopher Claiborne

Christopher Claiborne


Need lots of guns,! 5 ~ 10 handguns and automatic weapons. Any suggestions?

William G Chandler Jr

Lot of realistic props cheap?

Christopher Claiborne

I am looking a mix of guns preferably small machine guns and fancy pistols like HK 416, A5, M-16, or other.

Doug Nelson

I hope you're talking about a closed set - or write the SWAT into your script!

Laura King-Pazuchowski

Have you tried the Specialists LTD. ? While I haven't personally rented from them before because I was able to borrow prop guns, they were pretty helpful over the phone.

Philip Sedgwick

For a short film I wrote, the production team chose: I do not know details, but the guns were great.

Calvin Vanderbeek

We use him all the time...

William G Chandler Jr

I need to find a way to custom a special, fake, gun.

Jerry Davenport

what type of guns

Chad Stroman

"I got two guns for ya right here."

--flexes and kisses each bicep--

"Welcome to the gun show."

James Drago

Laughing Chad Stroman

Chad Stroman

James Drago Ok James, you got me. They're more like plastic water pistols...that are leaking...and that you pull the trigger over and over and over and nothing happens.

Doug Nelson

You're in LA where there are lots of prop houses where you can find every type of prop gun - from realistic to futuristic 'space' weapons.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

In L.A., any prop house, and several of them specialize in weaponry. Visually accurate or historic weapons are typically available only at the specialty rental houses. You will need insurance, and depending on the rental house, lots of it as there is lots of liability in the case that a frightened cop or someone else mistakes your crew or actors for having real guns, and shooting you (it's happened).

Debbie Croysdale

You guys are so lucky USA being able to pick up prop guns when needed. In London I wanted to direct a film with not real guns but replicas and was told I needed Police permission and interview. So I said f... the replicas and contacted a factory that made fake guns (no possibility of firing cos no barrel). YET was still told to “register”. Its absurd in UK to register a well made fake with no possibility of ever damaging another human being. In the end I went to toys or us and got a plastic pistol. PLEASE DONT LAUGH GUYS....

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