Stage 32 Meetups : Perth, Western Australia Meet up by Michelle Pendlebury

Perth, Western Australia Meet up

Hi all I was wondering if anyone on Stage32 is organising a meet up if so let me know would love to meet more industry professionals from actors, writers, directors, casting. Thanks Michelle Pendlebury

Duncan Whitcombe

Sounds like fun. We'll have to see what we can do.

Rich Parrish

HI Michelle, Love that name of yours - Pendlebury, sort of reminds me of the name - Pinkerton, Peddleworth, and Pillsbury.

Mark Isaacson

I'm all for it :) Would love to see others around the place. Also, be sure to check in to the Perth Film Network if you haven't already.

Rebecca Doherty

Hey guys I'm a Perth gal from years back (95-97), how's the film industry over there? I'd love to move back one day and start my own production company.

Michelle Pendlebury

Hi Mark I know about PFN and many others thanks.

Duncan Whitcombe

So Michelle, do we organise our own meet up or combine with a PFN event?

Michelle Pendlebury

Either, I go to the PFN events as well as meet for coffee when I can with fellow actors writers ect. There is also a script reading group running each week on a Monday night. It is on Facebook.

Tony McFadden

Just signed a contract for a job in Perth. Will be moving from Sydney in the next two weeks. The script reading group sounds interesting. I'll search for it on FB. What's its name?

Michelle Pendlebury

Hi Tony the name is Script Reading for Pleasure and Learning - Perth

Tony McFadden

Thanks. Just joined.

John H Lewington

Where is the Script reading and times?

Michelle Pendlebury

Hi they normally hold them Monday nights 7-10 at Hello Hollywood on Wanneroo road. If you go to the Facebook page they will post when and where. Page is Script Reading for Pleasure and Learning - Perth.

Tony McFadden

Attended my first "Script Reading for fun, etc." and it was a blast. And great to hear the words. As a writer I recommend other writers to join the same type of group. We weren't reading anything I wrote, but I still took away valuable dialog tips.

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