Stage 32 Meetups : San Fransisco Meetup October 30th by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

San Fransisco Meetup October 30th

I'll be visiting San Francisco Halloween weekend and propose a meetup! When: October 30th, 2014 Time: 7pm Where: Smuggler's Cove 650 Gough Street, +1 415 869 1900, GO TO THE TOP LEVEL OF THE PLACE FOR THE MEETUP :)

G. Leo Maselli

Shannon, thanks for proposing the SF Stage 32 meetup. It's been an elusive but popular idea for some time. October 30th - I'll be there.

Amanda Toney

Great! Looking forward to meeting you!

Cheri Nelson

I will try. Sounds great, but have to make sure I am available.

Karen Franklin

Got it on my calendar! I'll be there.

Vicki Kagawan Zabarte

I think I can make it.

Maya Mahrer

Cool -- I will be there; the token LOL (Little Old Lady)!

Chris Wirsig

Sounds good - I'll be there :-)

Douglas Blumeyer

Planning on it!

Angelia Baxter

I will definitely try!

David M Hyde

I won't be able to make this one, but thanks for the invite.

Kveto Hecko

I'll be there! Looking forward to it.

Jason T. Elkin

I'll try, what's the topic?

Alan Chu

Love to go! I'll really try to be there. :-)

Shannon Whitley

Great timing! I'll be there.

Teresa Kopaz

So want to go! I get of work at 7:30 and can head over. Not sure how long it will take me to get there.

Darren Breen

I'll be there!

Martin Burke

Sounds like fun. It'll be great to meet Bay Area Stage 32ers (is that even a word?).

Amanda Toney

totally a word! Really looking forward to meeting you all :) @teresa, we should be there till about 9 so no problem at all just get there when you can :)

Dave Ob

I'll be there too !

Shirley A Johnson- Smallwood

I would love to be there.

Guetty Felin

Darn it! Unfortunately I will miss this. When are you doing another one?

Amanda Toney

SO excited to meet all of you!

Kari Wishingrad

Will have to see where I am in my home moving process...may have to be spontaneous.

Diane Wasnak

I will try. Keep me posted that this is still happening! Thanks!

Darrel Ray

This will be a historic event.

Wayne Douglas Johnson

Can we all dress like Pirates? AND when did Halloween become an excuse to wear costumes - we do that everyday in SF. RRRR

Janet Elizabeth Dyer

I'll do my best. It's a great idea and would like to meet everyone.

Jan Naft

See you there.

Kathi Twomey Wahed

Can't make it this time but would like to know about anything in the future

Eric Ehrhardt

I'm in. Glad something happens locally for a change.

Scotty Cornfield

I had a great time at the meet up in Austin last week. Why not make this week's SF bash. Looking forward to it. RB knows how to host a good time (even though he probably won't make this one).

Caleb Parazette

Sounds good.

Jeffrey Walesa

My writing colleague, Gino, and I are excited to attend the meet up.

Zergog Sebastian Tovar

Just cleared my calendar, I will see you all there.

Amanda Toney

So excited to meet all of you! I also may or may not bring goodies for the first couple of people who show up :)

Chris Wirsig

As I'm quite new to Stage32 it will be great to meet you all :-)

Wayne Douglas Johnson

Is she talkin' tricks or treats....

Darrel Ray

You sure get around girl. I may need to give you a little some then ,some then

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hi everyone - once you get there, the Stage 32 meetup is in the TOP LEVEL of Smugglers Cove :)

Janet Elizabeth Dyer

I have the flu………ugh! I thought I may be better by today but have been in bed most of the day. I wish I could meet you all. Have a gin and tonic for me. Best , Janet

Darrel Ray

Janet I am sorry to hear that, Get some Hot green tea and honey with peppermint leaves. Hope you feel better soon.

Chris Wirsig

It was great meeting all of you yesterday :-) Have a great (rainy) day and keep in touch :-)

Diane Wasnak

I'm with Chris! Nice meeting everyone!

Caleb Parazette

Good times! Thanks Shannon.

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