Success Stories: AUG'12 Best Coverage in town!

Best Coverage in town!

The coverage I received through Happy Writers has been by far THE BEST I've had yet. And not just because I received a CONSIDER but because a real actual living breathing executive didn't try and change my story into "a sappy stereotypical love story." I went with Morgan White from Sundial Pictures and with her coverage… I'm not a fan of killing birds but with her powerful notes I was able to kill a flock of birds with just one stone! Readers are great and I appreciate them but when Joey Tuccio and Stage32 Happy Writers are offering coverage you're gonna get more bang for your buck! btw I got my very first ever script request!

Jan Evans

Congrats to you!

Amanda Toney

Congrats!! :)

Sandra R. Green

Thanks! Her feedback has taken my script to the next level!

Ollie Ashtari-Larki

Congrats Green!!!

Coletta Preacely-Garcia

Thank you so much Joey. For the second time my screenplay has been requested. These sessions are a great way to get our material out there, and everyone should try it.

Terry Ballard

Happy that its working for you. Hope it works as well for me......Good luck and God Bless

Coletta Preacely-Garcia

Keep it up, no matter what. You have a dream you believe in.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

That's great new. I know what you mean when you say she didn't try to change your story into some stereotypical story. In my Coverage the executive suggested my single mom should maybe have a husband. Go figure.

Richard "RB" Botto

Thanks for sharing, Sandra. I may be accused of being biased, but as someone who has had his scripts covered dozens of times, nothing compares to getting feedback from those in the trenches. Wishing you the best!

Steve Sherman

Thanks for posting! I think this may be a step I'll be taking with a future project.

Sandra R. Green

The difference is beyond REFRESHING!

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