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Success Stories: NOV'24 From Written to Verbal

David Chester

From Written to Verbal

This is not a success story, per se, but I haven't found any other place to post it. Joey Tuccio has been incredibly supportive and helpful and is obviously a writer's advocate. I had the pleasure of meeting Joey in Los Angeles in October and it was a great night of tips, advice, laughs (he has a great sense of humor) and really excellent observations about me and my script. He encouraged me to move past the written pitches to the verbal pitches. It's been quite a challenge for me, and I'm sure will continue to be so, but after I read his article about commonly made mistakes when pitching, which made it clear that pitching was something that had to be done, I realized that I had to take the plunge and make my pitch. Joey and I had scheduled a call, which he could not take, but I spoke to his associate, Brandon, who was so incredibly helpful and supportive and smart and knowledgeable. He gave me a great tip (name an actor/actress for your lead character to help give the execs a picture of who you had in your mind), and more important, acknowledged that I had done what I was supposed to do, which was to set up the project clearly. Although I had written out my pitch, I did not read from it, and I think as I got into it, I felt quite a bit of freedom. It was a strangely liberating experience... and if Joey hadn't pushed me, I think I would have stayed with the safety of written pitches. Tomorrow will be my first official pitch to a production company. I know that not everyone will be helpful, encouraging, supportive or kind... it's okay. I don't expect them to be. My expectations are on my end, as to whether or not I am able to successfully pitch a 110 page script in 4 minutes, and, as of today, I was. So, thanks Joey, as always for your never-ending river of support and encouragement. Most writers don't get any, ever, but Joey has a refreshing take, not just on writing, but on life, and it spills over to everything he does. He is a great person to know and it was a total joy to meet him. I'm going to keep working with Stage 32 and Joey as they have created this fantastic community where people like myself can find a way to get my idea across without being shut down or shut out. Too much of Hollywood is gatekeepers keeping the gates firmly shut... and yet without new scripts, they wouldn't have any gates at all. So, thanks again Joey... and Brandon. Today's experience was definitely a positive one.

Amanda Toney

What an incredible story and I'm glad you took the plunge and pitched!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Joey Tuccio did a great article on PITCHING - - I not only read it, I copied a few sentences into my daily writer's journal. David, if you have a tape recorder, start taping yourself doing a pitch a few different ways. Play it back and then compare the versions. Tap a neighbor or two and ask if they would hear your pitch (not for their critique --- but only for the practice). Good luck.

Suzanne Lutas

You've been very brave to take that step, congratulations and best of luck with your verbal pitch! Keep us updated.

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