Success Stories: MAY'16 Pitching via Happy Writers

Pitching via Happy Writers

Just to add my voice to the chorus of compliments for Joey Tuccio and the Stage 32/Happy Writers pitching service. I've done a handful so far, with more on the way, and each one has resulted in a script request. As someone who actually doesn't mind the in-person creative chaos that is a pitchfest, I still think these Skype/phone pitches are a great way to keep pitching during all the other months of the year, try out new scripts, etc. Once you get comfortable with the process, it's pretty low stress, and Joey really goes all out for the writers, which is a nice feeling. I hesitate to label pitching a complete "success story" until the script requests lead to something more, but it's definitely a great way to start!

Barb Arnett-Combs

Hi Adam! Great post; co-signing it, especially the endorsement of Joey Tuccio. He is definitely one of the most helpful tools (not in a bad way Joey! LOL) to have if you are a screenwriter!

Adam Pachter

Thanks Barb!

Virginia Shine

Thanks for sharing your experiences Adam. I'm not quite pitch ready, working on my writing and my courage to pitch :-)

Adam Pachter

It takes time, Virginia, and there's no need to rush. Comfort with your own material is the most important prerequisite.

Jon Douglas Rainey

Thanks Adam for taking the time to write this. As a new member, this is what I'm looking for - Honesty.

Adam Pachter

My pleasure, Jon!

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