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Success Stories: MAY'25 Proof-of-concept greenlit.

Proof-of-concept greenlit.

Looking forward to shooting a proof-of-concept short for my award winning television pilot at the end of the summer in Brooklyn. I've got execs at a number of networks looking at it, as well as a few major agencies. Glad to be taking this next step in my career. Maybe I'll find some help here on Stage 32.

Kelsey Gregg

Hey, there! I'm new to stage32, but I have been involved in acting for as long as I can remember, and more recently, I have helped with costuming, makeup, and a little bit of tech. I am going to be staying in Brooklyn this summer, along with a fellow actor friend of mine, so if you need any help at all then please feel free to contact me!

Phil Parker

Exciting times, Kevin! Good luck!

Emma J Steele

Good luck, Kevin!

Kevin T. Morales

Thanks everyone. I am passionate about this project and excited to bring it to life.

Lori Romero

Keep us in the loop, Kevin - nice to connect with you!!

David Levy

Great way to keep with it. People will notice soon enough.

Debi Hammack

That's great news! Congrats!

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