Success Stories: APR'30 Requested by Tom Welling Productions

Requested by Tom Welling Productions

happy to announce that my TV series, The Songwriters got requested by Tom Welling Productions. Hoping the best.

Richard "RB" Botto

Congratulations, Samuel! Tom Welling is an excellent company. Very selective with their reads, so your pitch must have been rock solid!

Samuel Rodriguez

Thanks RB for the kind words. The pitch wasn't perfect but they gave me great feedback on how to improve it

Joseph Chastain

Congrats and good luck!

Aray Brown

Way to go Sam!

Richard "RB" Botto

Sounds as if you were receptive to that feedback, Samuel! Half the battle won right there, my friend!

Andrea Ruschin

Congratulations, that's wonderful news! Best of luck.

Tom Welling Pakistan

What happened with it then? The Songwriters?

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

Is this over? I wanted to do a written Pitch.. I'd like to request a 2nd Pitch opportunity..Thanks!

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

congratulations Samuel!

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