Success Stories: MAY'4 Requested by Whitewater Films!

Willy J Sasso

Requested by Whitewater Films!

My co-writer, Drew Byerly, and I saw that Whitewater films had a pitch session up, so we checked out what films they've produced and totally loved them. We decided to pitch a movie we just recently wrote to Sarah Jaye via Skype and she was totally awesome and seemed to connect during the pitch. The next day I get a call from Joey, asking if he answered the email I sent him the few days before accurately, I said yes kind of hoping he had other news. And then literally 5 minutes later I get an email from him saying that Whitewater Films requested our script. Drew and I went door to door to about 35 different agencies and production offices in Los Angeles,with little to no luck. We had one to two pitch sessions with Stage 32 and we're blessed to have our script read by a production office. Amazing. Joey rocks. Stage 32 rocks! USE IT!

Pete Stone

Great success story. I think Joey and stage 32 have found a great formula for success built on sincerity and great relationships. Makes it a win win for the companies and the writers. Congrats and keep us posted!

Amanda Toney

This is so awesome, Willy! All the best to you guys!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Willy!

David Levy

Great job Willy! After I was on Stage 32 for a few weeks I had 2 script requests into my first 3 pitches. Joey is a true champion of writers!

Shawn Speake

Way to write, guys!

Willy J Sasso

Thanks a lot guys!!!

Laura Cross

Right on, Willy. Congratulations. Wishing you all the best with your endeavors.

Sigurjón Helgi Kristjánsson

Congrats mate. Hope it gets filmed and you guys can reap a harvest for all your efforts.

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