Success Stories: JUL'28 Requested my script? yowie! first time out, too.

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Eric Schneider

Requested my script? yowie! first time out, too.

I've had confidence in my pitching, from years of entertaining and leading seminars. But I'm still thrilled that - last night, driving home from the next city - the email dinger on my phone dinged, and there was Joey's message that my script, FAITHFUL, is requested. It has a strong female lead, and the agent who requested it, is the one woman I pitched. My wife and friends are thrilled, too. Now to give it one extra coat of polish, and send it along. I'm only an S32 member for three months, yet I declare (and so I feel) that you are my Community. And - to paraphrase GB Shaw - I'm here to do what I can for my community. So ask away.

Stephen Barber

That's fantastic Eric! Great job buddy! Keep moving

Eric Westlake

That's great news, Eric. Congratulations!

Holly Bishop

Incredible well done! I once did an online pitch but was terrified! Any tips for keeping calm yet engaging?

Eric Schneider

Yes, since you ask, Holly. 1. Who you're BEING is as important - maybe more, sometimes - than what words you're saying. If you "be" that you're no good, worthless, or less-than, or attached (not the same as 'committed') to an outcome - anywhere in your life, including here - that will sap your self-confidence. If who you're being is that you're great, adorable, rarin' to go, and ready to acknowledge the other person, that will strengthen your poise I always suggest people do The Landmark Forum. That's helped me tremendously, and helped my wife overcome "terminal shyness" to become a world-touring musical performer. 2. Practice your pitch out loud - maybe before a mirror - until you're enthusiastic hearing it. 3. Be sure that you regard the script you're pitching as truly a good one, and really "ready for prime time." 4. Before the pitch actually begins, take three deep breaths, while saying silently, "Breathing in, I calm myself; Breathing out, I smile."

Lorie Jackson

Awesome story, congratulations!

Terri Viani

Great advice! Being myself is something I struggle with in pitches and meetings, I'm a little bit of a snarky goofball and while I don't want to be unprofessional I'm learning that it's okay to let some of that shine through instead of being on my best behavior, which generally translates to nervousness and appearing like I have no sense of humor.

Boomer Murrhee

Way to go Eric, may this only be the beginning. :-)

Eric Schneider

Exactly, Terri! The other trick is for us to be ourselves when we're writing, too - not trying to be a new Lucas, Black, Stallone, or Cody!

Eric Schneider

Boomer...from your fingertips to Buddha's mind!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Eric! Good luck with the read!

Eric Schneider

Thank you Emma. Everyone here is so kind and supportive! I love it.

Eric Schneider

I did a big revision, based on one of the agent's notes. I spent 9 houris yesterday, writing and (with my eagle-eyed wife) proofing, and finally sent the script this morning, with a cover letter. Now to prepare the next script for pitching..

Stephen Barber

Great job Eric

Anthony Varon

Congrats man! I have had the privledge of pitching with a financier in Los Angeles this past week from this site as well! I am hoping we move forward on our Faith based films that represent the military and giving back to Vets.

Richard Haylor

Congratulations Eric !

Stephen Barber

Atta-Boy Anthony!!! Admirable work. Semper - Fi

Melody McLellan


Paolo Mugnaini


Dawn Murrell

Eric I am SO PROUD of you! I feel like I know you because I have been following all your posts on Stage 32 and we clicked right away! You are kind, supportive and so sweet to everyone! As I would like to endorse, people who bless others are due for a blessing themselves. I read Faithful and it blew me away! Your star is about to shine and we all get to sit back and watch! Keep doing what your doing, working hard and being yourself, then listen for the knocks on the door to your opportunities begin to open wide!!!! :)

Eric Schneider

Thanks for the kind words, Dawn. It takes one to see one, y'know.

J Medina

hey, congrats!!! knock 'em dead!!

Eric Schneider

That's my intention.

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