Success Stories: NOV'24 That ONE Request!

Suzanne Lutas

That ONE Request!

At last! I've finally received the longed for news: IDEATE MEDIA have requested my sci-fi script! To my mind, that One Request is worth the dozens I previously got for my Action/Thriller. Simply because it puts an end to a long series of "Pass". And, also because it proves that it's worth keeping pitching a project until you meet the right person. Thank you so much Stage 32/Happy Writers!!!

Suzanne Lutas

Thank you Kathryn, much appreciated! How are things going for you?

Shawn Speake

Congrats, Suzanne! Keep us posted. Happy Thanksgiving

Suzanne Lutas

Thank you so much, Shawn and Kathryn! I'll be glad to keep you posted. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!

Suzan Satterfield

Congrats! Another thing to be thankful for. Cheers!

Suzanne Lutas

Very true, Suzan! Thank you!

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