Success Stories: AUG'16 The Power of S32

Bill Hartin

The Power of S32

I've already posted the information below in Introduce Yourself but felt it only right to credit Stage 32 for part of the success of FIFO because of what happened just recently through a mysterious S32 reach-out - A screenwriter/producer from NYC wrote to me asking if/how FIFO might be able to help in the production of his $3.5 M faith-based feature film here in the Lehigh Valley, PA. In short, we were, so we are helping in a variety of areas as the project inches toward that elusive goal of being green lighted. Also, I must credit S32 for allowing me to reach out to screenwriters and filmmakers for script submissions to FIFO, and the overwhelming and enthusiastic response we've received from all over the globe; which illustrates just how global Stage 32 is and how fast it has grown since I hopped on board in late 2012. Thanks, Stage 32 - and I mean ALL of you! What a great community. I started FIFO (Fade In/Fade Out), A Filmmaking Consortium, after a night of beers and bitching with an actor friend, about how useful it would be to have our own film production company here in the Lehigh Valley, PA. Then we realized we had no money, so we quit bitching and went back to our beers. Shortly after that two things happened to launch FIFO: I sold a property, so I had a few bucks I wasn't spending on beer, and I devised a source of continuous revenue for producing our films, which in turn provides widespread U.S. exposure for short films. Since then, we have reviewed short scripts from all over the world, produced three of them and are currently reviewing more short script submissions in preparation of producing our next batch of short films. It is both daunting and exciting for all of our FIFO members, who stand to benefit most from their efforts. Our budgets still aren't where we would like them (are we ever satisfied?) compared to the length of our films (5-25 minutes) but we've set a high bar for quality and are attracting filmmakers on their way up - a combination of veterans and newbies with a passion for filmmaking and a willingness to continue to learn. So, if you are a screenwriter or filmmaker in or near the Lehigh Valley, PA (USA), who I haven't already reached out to, get in touch and learn how FIFO might help your career. Our mantra is: Stay creative yet disciplined.

Amanda Toney

Congratulations Bill! I'm so happy that you are a member of Stage 32- it seems like you have great things ahead of you!

Bill Hartin

Thanks, Shannon. They are all just small steps toward a very large goal, but they are steps in the right directions. Best to you.

Richard "RB" Botto

Man, I love this. Thank you so very much for posting and sharing, Bill. Keep us looped on the progress.

Bill Hartin

Thanks to everyone - those who have taken the time and energy to comment here as well as those who have sent their short script offerings or have promised to do so in the near future - you are the ones worthy of kudos and a raised glass of craft beer (IPAs are my favorites).

Tommy Luca

Hi Bill, really sounds fantastic what you are doing, hope I can meet sometime and be a part of it.

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