OTT & Transmedia : Hard Worldbuilding vs. Soft Worldbuilding | A Study of Studio Ghibli by Christian Nommay

Christian Nommay

Hard Worldbuilding vs. Soft Worldbuilding | A Study of Studio Ghibli

I recently found this YouTube channel that explores worldbuilding and, I thought it could interest some of you. In my opinion, one of the most vital parts of creating a transmedia project (besides the audience) is worldbuilding. A good "storyworld" lays the foundations of your project and helps connect the dots of the different mediums. Let me know what you think of this video and the rest of the channel.

Piper Williams

Looking forward to checking this out. Thanks.

HB Duran

Neat, thank you!!

Cherelynn Baker

I think building the world is very important - and- having interactive maps for the audience! Fans love to select a "clan" and area to be a part of deepening their relationship to the story!

Shawn Jackson

When I first began to write I was all about hard world building. In fact it was more fun than the writing. The process became more important than the outcome.

In the end it was always a straight jacket to the plot no matter how well tailored.

It took art to teach me how to soft world build.

As nature abhors a vacuum, the brain abhors the unknown.

By our nature we seek patterns and should it come across unknown the brain will draw from your own experiences the most likely conclusion no matter how abstract. Give the mind a few recognizable details and it will create a whole image around it no matter how fantastical.

As writers we create abstract worlds and give the reader just enough info to draw on their own expectation and they become part of the storytelling.

Never explain anything after the fact it will only contradict the viewers world view.

Steve George

'Lessons From the Screenplay', as a You Tube channel, is quite good. Check that out.

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