Transmedia : How Much DOES Making a Comic Book Cost? by Karen "Kay" Ross

Karen "Kay" Ross

How Much DOES Making a Comic Book Cost?

Inquiring minds want to know... Share your experiences below!

Christian Nommay

That's a really tough question because it will depend a lot on the illustrator, inker, colourist and letterer that you will hire. I know some good illustrators that start at $100-$150 per page, and others at $300 (and that doesn't include the inking and colour). So, for a 22-pages single-issue comic book, it could cost between $3 000 to $10 000. And this doesn't include the printing.

Here's an article that could interest you:

Christian Nommay

That's true. I started creating a graphic novel years ago, but I had to put it on hold after the artist left the project for something more lucrative. I also lost money in the process. That doesn't mean that it can't work that way, but you better be sure the artist working with you is not just here for the money.

Karen "Kay" Ross

You know what I love? I love thoughtful responses - SUCH good information here, gents! THANK YOU!

Richard F Roszko

I hired an editor (he converted my screenplay) and coordinated the pencils, ink, color, and dialog and that cost $100 per page for 124 pages including cover art.; however, that pricing is over a decade ago. Printing is highly competitive, you can get quote here for the best deal (ask for samples because the price might be really good but their printing quality would be mediocre): Also, higher the quantity, the per unit cost drops, of course - so it may be cheaper to get 1000 than 500; or 500 than 100, etc. If using an overseas printer, make sure it's FOB [your destination] and make sure they do all of the paperwork for customs! - Oh, and make sure all taxes are included too. (Quotes tend too leave off thing that make the price go up, so make sure to ask for the FINAL cost!)

Jacqueline Sandee Valle

Hi! I’m new here and this post caught my attention. I’d like to suggest looking at Panoply, a graphic novel app created by a small developer called Opertoon. It’s a Unity-based app and you can find it in the Unity App Store. I know a few folks who have used it and they love it.

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