Transmedia : The 8 defining characteristics of a transmedia production: by Denise Jackman

Denise Jackman

The 8 defining characteristics of a transmedia production:

Transmedia Entertainment: 8 defining characteristics
Transmedia Entertainment: 8 defining characteristics
Transmedia entertainment is quickly becoming the single most powerful way to convey messages and narrative to a mass audience. Some television networks and big movie studios are using it - and if you…
Robert P. Davenport II

Thanks for posting! Transmedia is very exciting. A chance to encapsulate additional depth marketing and audience to projects is very tempting. It does mean we'll need to expand our use of staff and freelancers so we are looking for it to be profitable and just not trendy.

James Grant Goldin

Very interesting -- although I'm not sure # 5 is always the case. The Disney, DC and Marvel universes, for example, are currently being shepherded onto various platforms by a handful of people, but the trans and multi-media platforms (and even non-media platforms, unless you consider pajamas and Pez dispensers media) are based on material developed by multiple creators over the better part of a century. And so in fact you have multiple and even conflicting versions of ionic figures, so that there are (for example) several different print versions of Superman, while the Superman on "Supergirl" is different from the "Man of Steel" Superman who is different from the Lego Superman. There are other examples from Spider-Man to Mickey Mouse. Possibly, each version is directed at a different niche of the marketplace. In any case, it's a messier transmedia experience than the ideal of the article. And in a way, transmedia is something that's been done for decades or even a century now; Conan Doyle's dispersal of Sherlock Holmes into the forms of short story, book, stage play, film and cigarette trading cards was well under way by 1900.

Denise Jackman

Well said!

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