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58 Attendees

Allison McCulloch Allison McCulloch + 1 Guests Organizer
casting director, cinematographer, director, producer, screenwriter
Sly Green Sly Green + 1 Guests
actor, gaffer/lighting technician, lighting designer, puppeteer, set builder
Radu Vlad Radu Vlad + 1 Guests
Douglas N. Hachiya Douglas N. Hachiya
actor, musician, voice actor
Jedediah Jenk Jedediah Jenk + 3 Guests
actor, director, editor, music composer, music conductor, musician, producer, screenwriter, sound designer, sound editor, sound mixer, transmedia producer, visual effects artist, voice artist, voice designer
Pierre Kennel Pierre Kennel + 1 Guests
actor, producer
Isabel Serrano Isabel Serrano + 1 Guests
actor, playwright
Georgina Elizabeth Okon Imdb.me/georginaelizabethokon Georgina Elizabeth Okon Imdb.me/georginaelizabethokon + 1 Guests
actor, singer, voice artist
Ginger Marin Ginger Marin + 1 Guests
actor, author, film/theatre journalist, screenwriter
Roz Wolf Roz Wolf + 1 Guests
marketing/pr, press agent, unit publicist
Dallas James Dallas James
actor, author, performance coach
A. Ma A. Ma
author, director, other, screenwriter
Serge Martinenko Serge Martinenko
actor, editor
Darius Waters Darius Waters + 1 Guests
Paul T. Murray Paul T. Murray
director, screenwriter
Sonja Jones Sonja Jones
Hayden Zych Hayden Zych
Samantha Shada Samantha Shada
Cate Carson Cate Carson
director, producer, screenwriter
JD Glasscock JD Glasscock + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Christian Lagadec Christian Lagadec
actor, director, screenwriter
Ingrid St. John Ingrid St. John
author, screenwriter, voice artist
Evan Rogers Evan Rogers
assistant director, casting director, choreographer, compositor, content creator, creative executive, director, director of marketing & distribution, director of operations, distributor, editor, fight director, filmmaker, line producer, location manager, producer, producer of marketing & distribution, production coordinator, production manager, screenwriter, script consultant, script coordinator, script supervisor, special effects supervisor, unit production manager, visual effects artist, visual effects supervisor
Papp Johnson Papp Johnson + 3 Guests
actor, comedian, host/presenter, screenwriter, voice actor
Apriel Starkweather Apriel Starkweather
actor, content creator, producer
Kristin West Kristin West
actor, host/presenter, line producer, producer, screenwriter
Gwen Alexis Gwen Alexis
Venus Leone Venus Leone
actor, boom operator, choreographer, dancer, dialect coach, songwriter, sound designer, sound editor, sound mixer, translator, voice artist
Kalent Zaiz Kalent Zaiz
actor, agent, author, casting director, choreographer, director, host/presenter, producer, screenwriter, voice artist
Ameena L Norrise Ameena L Norrise + 1 Guests
actor, casting director, director, screenwriter
Gary Alexis Gary Alexis
actor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Julie Zhou Julie Zhou
actor, screenwriter
Tomasz Mieczkowski Tomasz Mieczkowski + 2 Guests
comedian, screenwriter
Mark Newlander Mark Newlander
Piankhi Iknaton Piankhi Iknaton
actor, boom operator, production assistant, stunt performer
Ross Raffin Ross Raffin + 1 Guests
Treba Little Treba Little
agency assistant
Dara Taylor Dara Taylor
comedian, music composer
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Social Media Exchange

Where: Los Angeles Film School
6353 W Sunset Blvd., Room #1060
Los Angeles, California
When: Wednesday, May 11th
6:30PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 4 years ago
Updated 4 years ago
Note! Please bring your ID to check in with security at the front desk (driver's license or passport).
About the meetup

The official FB event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1105314612851928/

Let's brainstorm on how to get our brand/names out there!

Vine, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Stage32, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine... Let's utilize all we have at our fingertips and start making a name for ourselves in this chaotic social media landscape.

(For YouTube or Vimeo, please include channel info so others may subscribe.)

If you add your info in advance, you will get a head start. People will start adding your social media so on Wednesday you can concentrate on networking. Please remember to add back the people who follow you in order for the exchange to work properly.

When you enter your Twitter info on the Google docs link above, you will automatically be followed by:
https://twitter.com/socmedexchange. You do not have to follow this shell account. Instead, go to "following" and add all the people this account is following. It will make the process faster.

The L.A. Film School garage may charge $5-8, depending on what is going on. There is also meter parking nearby. You can park for longer on Cahuenga/Ivar south of Sunset. Just read the signs (some spaces are free, some metered, some limited time). If you go to all the way down to Fountain (cross streets: Cahuenga, Cole, etc.), you can find free street parking too. Just be extra sure to check the signs as the limitations differ throughout the area.

Feel free to bring whatever you feel may help you network better.

Meetup photos will be posted on Instagram!

Feel free to contact Allison with any questions or comments.

Cate Carson

Gah! Would love to be there in person. Any way of getting a live hangout or some such? Will be heading to Cannes on this date. *Sad face/Happy face Will add my info and follow y'all.

Allison McCulloch

Enjoy Cannes! Will invite you to the next event.

Sonja Jones

Thanks but I booked a project and now I cannot attend this next week. Have a great event and hope to make the next one.

Tim Bartell

I can't make it but thanks much for the invite! :)

Cindy Myskiw

Man I wish I lived in the US at times like these. I would love to come there :(

Mark Newlander

Really upset I can't make this one (wife's sick & daughter has a choir performance), if anyone has knowledge in the social media arena please contact me I'd love to hear from you. This is in reference on a feature film I'm working on. Thanks

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